Linde Material Handling has launched its new generation of reach trucks, which encompasses models R14 to R20 with a load range of 1.4 to 2 tons. The new trucks enable an even more productive flow of goods into the warehouse, as a whole host of new technical solutions make the trucks more comfortable, more powerful and safer to operate.


Although designed with hard polyurethane tyres to operate on smooth warehouse floors, many warehouses have rough patches and broken sections that create substantial vibration when travelled over at speed. Vibration is a known source of fatigue in humans so much so that EC legislation directed at Whole Body Vibration has affected fork lift design for some years. Operator fatigue leads to loss of concentration increasing the risk of accidents and damage to loads, warehouse infrastructure and trucks themselves. To alleviate this, the operator’s compartment of the R14 to R20 range is fixed to the lower chassis via 4 rubber blocks shielding the operator from harmful vibration. The operator is further protected by an air-suspended seat which automatically adjusts to his or her body weight when the truck is energised. This new standard of operator comfort ensures that the human element of the productivity equation remains alert and motivated throughout a long shift.

The seat is fully adjustable forwards and backwards, for height, angle of the seat back and lumbar support. In addition the large L-shaped binnacle that holds the steering wheel, instrument display, Linde Load Control hydraulic levers and armrest can be adjusted forwards and backwards and vertically. This ensures operators with different body dimensions and preferences for driving position can be easily and fully accommodated. Storage compartments allow work tools and paperwork to be stowed within easy reach and power supplies and mounting brackets for data terminals are available to suit site standards.

Two newly designed mast ranges use stronger steel profiles that limit mast deflection by up to 20% and provide higher residual capacity before deration. As with earlier mast designs from Linde, visibility is an important factor and these new designs offer improved vision over what was already exceptional.


Compared to its competitors, Linde is at the forefront when it comes to productivity, as proven by the results of the TÜV Nord reach truck performance test. Linde’s leading position is hardly surprising considering the 41% higher lift speed with a load. Unladen lift and lower speeds are also faster in comparison to the previous series. In order to match energy consumption and productivity as precisely as possible to the needs of the application, there are three different driving dynamics settings to choose from: “Performance” for the highest power output, “Efficiency” for the best combination of handling performance and energy efficiency, and “Economy” for less demanding  applications or those where extended shift life is required. The addition of a massive 930 Ah battery will also help in these instances.


Upward visibility at high lift heights is crucial when the operator is stacking and destacking loads. Here the innovative high-visibility armoured glass roof comes into its own. As an alternative to the conventional overhead guard, this option offers an unrestricted view of the load and forks whilst ensuring the operator remains well protected from falling objects. A range of new camera systems give additional vision when load handling.


Additional safety features and options also on offer include a side hoop guard at shoulder height to provide better protection for the operator and the Linde BlueSpot safety light which is becoming a common feature of the counterbalance truck. This simple but extremely effective option uses a high intensity blue LED light focussed in front of the truck to warn pedestrians or other operators of a truck approaching an intersection. Familiar features of older models are retained such as all wheel braking system now improved by incorporating an automatic parking brake.

LMH_M3B_RGBAll these enhanced features are included in the new coldstore cab which has been released for this new range. Coldstore protected trucks with or without cab benefit from the extended service intervals announced for this specification. Drive-in racking applications are also catered for by the release of narrow chassis models and drive-in racking overhead guards. Linde has already announced that further models and options will be released over coming months.

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