The Pally, from the transit packaging innovator, Loadhog, is ‘raising eyebrows’ within the retail market across the world by bridging the gap between retailers’ need for a wheeled ‘dolly-like’ solution and suppliers’ for a stable pallet.


The Pally is a robust plastic pallet – handleable with any form of materials’ handling equipment, rackable, stackable and compatible with high speed automated production lines. Unlike any other pallet, one foot press on a pedal at either end of the 800x600mm unit, transforms the Pally into a fully mobile, wheeled dolly – allowing instant mobility on demand, anywhere and with a rating of up to 500kg that is a lot of moving power! Likewise, one more foot press lifts the load and turns Pally back into a pallet, lifting the wheels clear of the floor and transferring all the weight onto the pallet bearers – creating a stable, secure unit for stacking, picking or for transit.

The Pally can be combined with Loadhog’s self-securing pallet lid and the company’s latest transit innovation, the Attached Lid Container to create an end-to-end solution which eliminates all additional securing material costs, equipment, space, labour time and waste associated with banding or wrapping. A fully secure, stable yet instantly mobile unit, in less than 15 seconds!

From heavy industry to healthcare and logistics, Pally is proving a welcome alternative to cages, pallets or pallet boxes: It is up to 60 per cent lighter, increases trailer fill by c.30 per cent when full and 60 per cent when empty, eliminates the need for all handling trucks, improves hygiene in clean environments and improves health and safety – especially when used on tail lifts.

An expansion of the Pally family is the Loadhog Pally Magnum which offers the same inventive mechanism to its base as the Pally and can be used in similar ways, but also has four strong, collapsible drop-down sides. With the same 800 x 600 footprint, the Pally Magnum offers even more being a 910mm tall container which is already attracting much interest, particularly from the retail market for the containment of loose and bulky items.

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