floretteapplegrapeAs consumers strive to save pennies they are returning to basics and bringing their own lunch and snacks to work, with recent Nielsen research showing that one in five are now bringing their own lunch into work and school more often to cut back on spending.

Chocolate, fresh fruit and bagged snacks are the three top snacks that are consumed and are an integral part of any lunchbox. In fact, fresh fruit appears in 55% of the 1.2bn lunchboxes that are made up every year.

Fruit tends to be a popular addition for children and adult lunchboxes because it is such a convenient and healthy on the go snack. The added bonus of fresh fruit is that it is sweet and succulent, and tastes much nicer than other healthy foods, so it is perfect guilt-free snack.

Florette’s pre-packed, fresh fruit range includes an apple and grape 80g snack pack, which is an ideal choice for lunchtime snacks for school and work. The pack retails at 65p and includes hand cut slices of fresh apple and juicy red grapes.

The prepared fruit range also includes three other fruit products that are designed to meet snacking and on the go needs. Florette Fresh Pineapple, Melon Medley and Fruit Medley packs are available in a 150g snack pot with fork (priced from £1.49).

The range is selling well because of strong consumer trust in the Florette brand and the guarantee of freshness, quality and taste.
In physical terms, the brand injects colour, personality and innovation to the shelf, whilst Florette’s investment in a £3m TV advertising and consumer press campaign, PR and in-store promotional activity is driving awareness and prompting trial of the range.



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