Cleaning and laundry experts Dr. Beckmann launch an innovative, first of its kind, sustainable product into the UK market

The laundry landscape will never be the same again due to the release of cleaning and laundry expert, Dr. Beckmann’s newest product – Magic Leaves.

This brand-new, innovative product is a single use laundry detergent sheet, a replacement for your laundry powder, liquid or tabs and will change the way you wash your clothes forever.

Magic Leaves Laundry detergent sheets are specifically designed to fully dissolve in 60 seconds in temperatures as low as 20 °C unlike many tabs, which means the worries of sticky residue often left over from tabs clinging to your clothes is a thing of the past!

Due to the sheet form they are 90% lighter and have 90% less packaging than regular detergents, making them easy to transport from the shop as well as easy to store within the home. This also means that they are the environmentally friendly choice as they take less emissions to transport, resulting in them being a carbon neutral product.

Dr. Beckmann spokesperson, Susan Fermor said “We are so excited to release this revolutionary product to the UK market. We really believe that once families and individuals have tried this product, they will make the permanent switch from powder, tabs and liquid to our dissolvable sheets.

“Not only is it perfect for our growing eco-conscious community but it also creates a much easier and effortless way to wash. There is no need to pre-measure, simply pop one sheet in with your load and watch the magic happen as the sheet dissolves away and your clothes become fresh and hygienically clean.”

Magic Leaves have just been launched in several Tesco stores across the UK and will soon be hitting shelves in wilko early July. Given that the product is so effortless, environmentally conscious, vegan and more intelligent than regular laundry detergents, it is sure to change UK’s laundry habits forever and bring in a new generation of washing!

Dr. Beckmann’s brand-new Magic Leaves (25 sheets) are available in both Bio and Non-Bio and can be purchased via Amazon, Dr. Beckmann’s website or in store at selected Tesco stores across the country from RRP: £4.50.

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