Natural, clean and vibrant flavours derived from Mexico’s slow grown blue agave

 Premium bottled cocktails to enjoy at home, hassle free

100% recyclable bottle with bespoke artwork on the labels

Minimal preparation time and next day delivery for sociable millennials to enjoy

The hottest new launch for World Cocktail Day on 13th May

With UK supermarkets seeing a 56% rise in tequila sales since the third lockdown and 46% of the nation having had a go at making cocktails at home while hospitality was closed, there is a gap in the market ready to be filled by a premium bottled cocktail made in the UK which uses quality ingredients and redefines consumption of tequila, the spirit about to have its moment. 

Meet Pimentae, your personal bartender packaged in a premium bottle.

Created in 2021 during England’s lockdowns by a London based two-woman team, Pimentae offers an alternative to bar-made cocktails, with bottled drinks made to perfection to enjoy with friends, hassle free. The breakthrough flagship product is Tommy’s Chilli Margarita, the perfect blend of award-winning tequila, lime, agave, and chilli poured over ice. In a world of sugary, eco-unfriendly, artificial, and unadventurous drinks, Pimentae holds a distinctive and competitive edge, showcasing the magic that tequila can offer with a modern-day twist, exuding luxury, exoticism and escapism.

Created with only the best ingredients and spirits from Britain’s most exceptional distilleries, Pimentae marries art with cocktails, taking you on an experiential journey through taste and forgotten origins. The drinks are 100% natural, clean, vibrant and derived from Mexico’s slow grown blue agave. Accessible to any cocktail lover, the mixes are also gluten free and vegan with no artificial colours or sweeteners. The recipe has been developed by Liquid Fusion and manufactured by Start-Up-Drinks Lab, small batch bottlers specialising in helping start-ups innovate and establish their brand.

When creating Pimentae, founders Alice Parmiter and Wynter Karo prioritised sustainability. Too good to be thrown away, the brand encourages upcycling via bespoke artwork on the labels, a bottle that is 100% recyclable and social content to inspire new stories. Pimentae worked with London based, female artist Kit Lintin to create a bold and dynamic oil painting for the branding, merging reality with abstraction and transporting the consumer to a fantasy world. The designs invite you to look a little closer and discover the story behind the cocktail. The bottles are also convenient for the millennial social butterfly – preparation time is minimised and the cocktails are delivered to your door the next day. Tommy’s Chilli Margarita (often known as a Picante) is an exclusive cocktail typically enjoyed in the setting of a member’s club, and thanks to Pimentae, it’s now available at the click of a finger, without leaving the home.

Alice Parmiter, co-founder of Pimentae says, “Wynter and I have shared a love, hate and ‘why did we do that?’ relationship with tequila for years, and lockdown pushed us to fill the gap we felt in the market, to create a product which gave the timeless classic a new story. We wanted to offer consumers a trendy, new drink and educate at the same time that there are many ways to enjoy tequila – Pimentae will teach you that it’s more than just a shot!”

Wynter Karo, co-founder of Pimentae says, “These lockdowns left the millennial market desperate for enjoyable moments with friends and loved ones, made better by a touch of tequila magic. Pimentae allows people to discover a new love for a spirit about to have its moment. We want to redefine the way tequila is enjoyed, one spicy sip at a time.”

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