goodnessDS Smith Packaging Launceston has developed an award-winning corrugated pack for, a natural and organic wholesaler, to deliver fresh or frozen produce to the trade or direct to consumers’ homes. Replacing pre-formed polystyrene, the thermal and waterproofing materials ensure the produce arrives in perfect condition, within 72 hours, through the postal system.

The pack is manufactured using C flute board with a moisture proof ‘polyester’ film on the inside and a silver metalised, thermal PET liner on the outside, that helps withstand heat ingress and cold loss. Currently being used for packing wet fish on dry ice, the new pack stands up well to freezer defrost cycles and presents the produce attractively.

What’s more, the box, with its clear branding, helps to promote Goodness Foods’ organic image by avoiding the use of unsustainable polystyrene packaging. The pack is recyclable with a 96% recoverable fibre content and, as polystyrene waste disposal and licence costs are very high, this means a real, overall saving of approximately 750%. There are also major savings in distribution as just one load of corrugated can replace ten trailer loads of pre-formed polystyrene.

This long awaited alternative to polystyrene is now available for general use and has been accepted by retailers as a real advantage over less sustainable packaging. The design has been developed particularly for meat and fish supplies but can be tailored to individual requirements for size, print and performance making it suitable for most types of produce.

In the recent UK Packaging Awards judges gave the new pack 10 out of 10 saying it is a “fantastic solution, really innovative and works well”. It picked up both the Corrugated Packaging and the Supply Chain Solution awards in November 2009.

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