New Pineapple & Passionfruit natural energy drink launches

Real life exotic adventures may be limited, but you can drink up an energetic escape this summer with a can of TENZING’s new Tropical drink.

The newest addition to the brand’s range of naturally supercharged BCAA drinks is made with zingy pineapple and passionfruit blended with their signature triple hit of natural caffeine, vitamin C and electrolytes to unlock the power of plants and energise you with a taste of the Tropics.

TENZING’s natural BCAA range contains Branded Chain Amino Acids extracted from corn, the first naturally energising drinks on the market with plant-based BCAAs. Free from any artificial ingredients and with more natural caffeine, the blends give active people all the power they need without any of the nasties.

“Within the world of energy drinks, we are proud to be the odd one out. Why? Because our drinks actually contain the ingredients they say on the tin. When traditional energy brands say they have coconut, berries, pineapple and orange in them, there’s usually not a trace of these ingredients to be found. Instead a mix of artificial flavourings, colourings, sweeteners and stabilisers.”

“Our new Tropical blend is a mix of pineapple and passionfruit juices with our powerful ingredients like green coffee, acerola cherries and BCAA from Corn, not only because all our blends are purely from plants but also because it tastes a lot better! “ Huib van Bockel, Founder, TENZING.

Much like TENZING’s existing blends, this drink contains 60% less sugar than traditional energy drinks and zero artificial sweeteners or additives. TENZING’s low calorie, low sugar and plant-based drinks, combined with the brand’s sustainability credentials, appeal to a new generation looking for energy but not willing to compromise on their body or the planet. TENZING’s Tropical blend will be available to purchase from Amazon, Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods, Planet Organic, hundreds of gyms nationwide, and on the TENZING webstore (RRP £1.99).

Every 330ml can of TENZING Tropical contains:

  • 106mg Caffeine (equivalent to 2.5x shots of coffee) from Green Coffee & Green Tea
  • 8mg Vitamin C (20% of your recommended daily intake) from Peruvian passionfruit and Kenyan pineapples
  • 100mg Electrolytes from Himalayan Rock Salt
  • 1500mg BCAA from corn

More on the product:

  • This new TENZING blend is the strongest plant-power on the market AND the only plant-based BCAA drink free from any artificial ingredients.
  • Low calorie – 63 calories per can
  • 100% natural ingredients: Green Coffee, Pineapple, BCAAs from Corn, Acerola, Lemon Juice, Green Tea, Passionfruit, Beet & Fruit Sugar, Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Vegetarian and Gluten Free
  • 100% recyclable and BPA-free can
  • TENZING is carbon negative, investing in local & global environmental projects

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