Tenderstem® broccoli, the market-leading vegetable brand has unveiled a brand new marketing strategy with new above-the-line creative under the tag line ‘Broccoli but better’. 

The new campaign was developed to continue the brand’s growth trajectory, following three years of strong sales, increasing brand awareness.

Lacey Bradshaw, marketing manager for Tenderstem® said: “Our research indicated that people generally have two vegetables in their meal or on the side. Many consumers regularly choose traditional broccoli, however we saw that this was an unthinking choice: out of habit or familiarity. Therefore we saw an opportunity to challenge this complacency and identify Tenderstem® as a better option for more special meals, which is where our strapline ‘broccoli but better’ came from.”

The integrated campaign from Coregeo, master licensor for Tenderstem® broccoli, has reimagined the brand personality, adopting a more light-hearted and irreverent approach to appeal to consumers who aren’t familiar with the vegetable. The Tenderstem® brand is aiming to steal ‘share of plate’ from traditional broccoli in order to meet its goal of increasing penetration in UK households.

The new campaign will see Tenderstem® exploring new channels, with a heavy focus on video-on-demand and audio advertising through the likes of All4 and Spotify, helping to bolster its recent 2% uplift in advertising recognition (IPSOS Nov 2021). The new brand creative, developed by McCann, will also be used for digital display and video, paid search, out-of-home, social media advertising and PR.

Lacey Bradshaw added: “We want to give food lovers the confidence to challenge their culinary complacency and get a bit more creative with their cooking, whether it’s a roast, a stir fry or a special Friday night dinner. We are confident our new creative presents a more exciting, fun alternative to normal broccoli, showing Tenderstem® as you have never seen it before and the opportunities it can present in the kitchen.”

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