Building on the success of El Tequileño tequila in the UK, Ten Locks is adding four new premium products to its portfolio from the brand’s prestigious 1959 range.   

Available to high-end retailers and drinks stores, the four-strong El Tequileño 1959 range lands in the UK this month with Ten Locks confirmed as the exclusive UK distributor. The four SKUs are Platinum, Reposado Gran Reserva, Añejo Gran Reserva and the world’s first and only Reposado Rare. With prices ranging from £40 for the Platinum (700ml) up to £150 for the Reposado Rare (700ml), it’s certainly set to appeal to die-hard tequila fans as well as those new to the category looking for luxury drinks, whether to purchase as a gift or as a top end addition to the drinks cabinet.

Renowned as one of the world’s most sought-after tequila brands and Mexico’s best-kept secret, El Tequileño, was established in 1959 with the four new tequilas paying homage to the year of the brand’s creation. Founded by tequila pioneer Don Jorge Salles Cuervo, the brand was named to honour the people of the town of Tequila, Mexico and has earned its reputation for creating exquisite tequilas through its  dedication to craft and quality while using sustainable practices. This includes harvesting only the finest blue agave from the premium growing region-Los Altos de Jalisco, locally sourcing the mineral-rich volcanic spring water from El Volcan de Tequila and distilling in copper pot stills.

Becky Davies, head of commercial at Ten Locks, says “Tequila has been gaining momentum over the summer season with El  Tequileño doing a great job in educating the trade and consumers on the virtues of agave spirits. There’s a clear trend for trading up as drinkers are prepared to spend that bit more on an indulgent or unusual drink so we know the UK is ready for the premium, high quality 1959 tequila range from El Tequileño.

“We brought the first El Tequileño products to the UK in October 2020 and we have had a phenomenal response, so we see real promise for the new 1959 range, especially in the run up to Day of the Dead in November and the busy festive season. Retailers can tap into the  increasing appetite for top quality tequila and unlock the potential of a sector that’s really making its mark here in the UK, with El Tequileño leading the way and raising the bar in terms of quality.

“El Tequileño shares our company ethos and principles – it has its own 60-year-old distillery, employs traditional, sustainable production techniques, and offers a fantastic spectrum of expressions to really showcase how good tequila can be. El Tequileño is the real deal and that’s why it’s so exciting; history, heritage and craft are intrinsic to El Tequileño, which is why it’s so well placed to appeal to the premium drinks consumer on all fronts.”

Steffin Oghene, Vice President of Business Development at El Tequileño, says: “Ten Locks has been instrumental in the success of our brand in the UK over the last 12 months. We’re confident UK drinkers will welcome our 1959 range – British consumers like to know what they are drinking and are curious, asking questions and increasingly showing a genuine enthusiasm for Mexican agave spirits. Education and experimentation are key to the success of tequila – there’s so much room to grow in the UK and El Tequileño will show how exciting, enjoyable and diverse tequila can be.”

El Tequileño’s third generation master distiller, Antonio Salles, still employs the same processes devised by his grandfather to produce these exceptional, authentic tequilas. The range is confirmed additive-free, and all expressions are made using sustainable production techniques that will keep the 60-year-old distillery active for generations to come; 98 per cent of the residuals from the production process are recycled and turned into natural fertiliser for new agave plants.

All four products in the 1959 range are available now to the retail sector exclusively via Ten Locks. Contact the team for details on or Instagram: @TenLocksDrinks

RRPs: El Tequileño 1959 Platinum £40 (700ml), El Tequileño 1959 Reposado Gran Reserva £50 (700ml), El Tequileño 1959 Añejo Gran Reserva £70 (700ml), El Tequileño 1959 Reposado Rare £150 (700ml).

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