new-fc4-green2Make significant savings on transit packaging costs, reduce environmental impact and lower disposal costs.  – Many businesses are currently enjoying savings on transit packaging costs by switching from cardboard boxes to Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP)  supplied by PHS Teacrate. One such happy customer is Direct Fruit Supplies who is on track to make a 60% saving in packaging costs, thanks to the UK’s leading crate supplier.  Following a successful trial period the family-run fresh produce and delicatessen business has placed a second order for crates to enable distribution of its products throughout Yorkshire.

Direct Fruit Supplies had been paying 50p per single use cardboard box until PHS Teacrate, the UK’s largest crate rental company, introduced the option of RTP.  At a cost of a little over 4p per week for a re-usable crate, the advantage is clear.  PHS Teacrate has helped cut Direct Fruit Supplies transit packaging costs from £45,000 over the next 3 years to around £19,000.

The FC4 trays , which are also used by many of the major supermarket chains, have been supplied in Direct Fruit Supplies’ colours – red, black and white – and branded with the company name so that they can be easily retrieved from customers, which include restaurants, hotels, shops and delicatessens.

As well as the savings on packaging, Direct Fruit Supplies has also experienced time cost savings resulting from personnel no longer required to put the cardboard boxes together, a task taking an average of one minute per box. Direct Fruit Supplies’ customers are also finding benefit from the switch over through a reduction in cardboard disposal costs, which assists them in meeting recycling targets set by the Packaging Waste Directive.

Another advantage of plastic crates is that their contents will not suffer from moisture damage, which is particularly crucial when being used for frozen or chilled goods.  Many of PHS Teacrate’s RTP products can be easily nested for storage and the Attached Lidded Crates (ALCs) can be stacked in transit reducing the risk of the contents being squashed – a common occurrence during the transport of foodstuffs using cardboard containers.  Should space be an issue, PHS Teacrate’s dynamic stock pool means that extra crate stock can be hired at peak periods and collected by PHS Teacrate when no longer in use.

The environment also benefits from the re-use of delivery crates. This is made possible by PHS Teacrate’s food grade washing facility, which means that crates arrive spotlessly clean, dry and ready for use, time and time again.  No cardboard waste, recycling or manufacturing is necessary.

Managing Director for Direct Fruit Supplies, Michael Marcus is delighted with the savings.  He says, “Since introducing re-usable crates, we have had many positive comments from staff and customers.  The plastic crates are easier to handle and stock doesn’t get damaged, which is essential for a fresh produce business like Direct Fruit Supplies. As an added bonus, my staff are pleased that they don’t have to spend hours folding boxes and can use their time more effectively, a great help at particularly busy periods.  Personally, I am looking forward to re-investing the savings in other parts of the business and providing further benefits for our customers.”

So, switching to RTP can make everyone happy – staff, customers and the environment, not to mention the all important improvement in the bottom line.

PHS Teacrate’s 8 fully stocked depots and extensive distribution network mean that all products are available with Next Day delivery as standard and no minimum quantity.  Orders can be placed and amended online with real-time tracking to monitor progress.  See the full range of products, including crates and pallets, handling equipment and packaging at

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