The inspiration for Taste Inc, one of this year’s major micro-snacking success stories, came when the CP Foods UK team noticed an opportunity in the market for healthier, great tasting microwavable snacks. Chris Wenham, Commercial and Marketing Head, at Taste Inc., recalls: “The chilled microwavable snacking market is now worth £94 million, however the reputation of the category to date is often associated with food that is high in calories, and contains meat that is often unverified. We knew we could shake up this category by bringing something new to the market and also change consumer perception that microwave snacks are unhealthy.”


So CP Foods came up with the concept of Taste Inc. and entered the market in April 2013. Taste Inc. is a new, incredible tasting range of microwavable sandwiches, subs, burgers and baguettes, all of which can be cooked in 90 seconds and under. Each of the range has been developed to be lower in calories at fewer than 500, with the lowest at only 265 calories and containing only 100% whole chicken breast fillet.

Most of us now find ourselves rushed off our feet and having the time to prepare, cook and eat three meals a day is tricky. The microwavable snacking market is in a period of growth and is attracting more shoppers with 5.2 million, who shop every 6.3 weeks for microwaveable snacks. When we want fast food, we are often left with unhealthy options. At Taste Inc. they make good fast food! The food is ready in less than 90 seconds, without compromise on quality or taste.

Adrian Wilson, Business Unit Director and Head of UK Manufacturing at Taste Inc., says: “This is an exciting time for us. Being part of one of the world’s largest producers of poultry, we knew we already had the skills, knowledge and passion to take this on. As the demand for quality, tasty and convenient hot snacks grows, we at Taste Inc. will be able to meet the consumers demands Since our launch our Taste Inc. range is going from strength to strength and we are receiving fantastic feedback from consumers.

“We are highlighting this with a ‘Do Something Good in 90 Seconds’ campaign, part of a £250k investment from CP Foods UK between October 2013 – December 2013, which sees the launch of three You Tube ads appealing to consumers, with fun light hearted clips that show some of the good things that can be done in 90 seconds, collating with the our company messaging. As well as the You Tube ads, we are also running banner campaigns and taste tests outside key Morrisons stores and running various social media competitions.”

Chris Wenham, Commercial and Marketing Head, at Taste Inc., adds: “We have had a great start and a busy 7 months launching the brand. We have developed a range of first class fast foods which taste incredible. We are now continuing our mission to change consumer perceptions of hot micro-snacks and strengthen the work we have achieved to date. Our first campaign of ‘Do Something Good in 90 Seconds’ really drives this message home whilst engaging our target audience.”

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