gorgeous-white1mbTarget Energy Shots has announced the launch of its new energy shot ‘Gorgeous’. The small, vibrant pink bottle contains a sugar-free mixture of vitamins and amino-acids and with just four calories, Gorgeous is set to become the latest fashion accessory, aimed squarely at the under 30s female market.

“The healthy energy shot market is gaining momentum but many of the products have quite a medical or masculine image,” explains Chris Onslow, Managing Director of Target. “However, as far as we are concerned pink is the new black, and we have designed Target’s Gorgeous to be the coolest new, fun fashion accessory for women, as well as being an energy shot.

“The small bottle easily fits into a handbag and appeals to those on a calorie controlled diet,” continues Onslow. “As Gorgeous only contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, it gives the consumer an energy boost without the sugar and high concentrations of caffeine of more traditional energy drinks. We also anticipate Gorgeous becoming really popular on the club scene and in the gay market.”

A key advantage to retailers is that Gorgeous does not need to be refrigerated and so can be stored at room temperature right next to the till, providing the ideal impulse purchase at a recommended retail price of just £1.79.

Target’s original energy shot, ‘Target Life’ is currently available in stores nationwide including Tesco Express Extra.

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