T-Cards Direct has taken the concept of its renowned manual work-flow monitoring system and developed an OnLine version that provides an opportunity to manage workflow in real-time using the simple drag-and-drop technique, moving cards around the board to reflect current status. A big advantage of the new OnLine system is that it enables multiple remote secure access from anywhere in the world using Verisign’s SSL certificates and has password protection login.

Standard board configurations are Perpetual Weekly Planner and an Annual Board set out in the familiar T-Cards Direct format of columns and rows. Adding a project or work card could not be simpler – just click on the ADD t-card icon in the menu and a new t-card appears. This is designed with three basic fields – Title, Subtitle plus space to enter a description of specific actions to undertake. There is also a copy-function for duplication where card information is repeated.

To assist in improved task management each card enables key dates to be set such as Assignment Month and End Month using conventional drop-down lists. This allows projects to be pinned automatically to the planner, allocating several months for the task.

For easier project or assignment classification the T-Cards Direct on-line system enables cards to be colour-coded, again using a drop-down colour selection on the actual t-card form. When initial data entry is complete the card must be saved and then allocated to a column in the ‘spreadsheet’ style on-line planner. If the wrong column or row has been assigned the user simply drags the card into the appropriate slot.

There is also a TRANSFER function which enables cards to be transferred from one board to another, this may help in synchronising overall project/task management.

A feature of the new system is a QUICK search and track feature – this can be by card colour, title and subtitle therefore some initial pre-planning is essential to maximise the benefits that the T-Cards Direct system brings to the workplace. Depending on the applications card colours could be used to track a specific task throughout its progress, colour-changed to reflect new status, or when managing people a different colour could be allocated to each individual person.

In addition to the two pre-set standard format styles the T-Cards Direct OnLine team are able to configure layout styles to suit specific requirements and with additional indexes added to the side of the board.

The new OnLine T-Cards Direct system extends the capability of the company’s widely used form of ‘at-a-glance’ board into real-time, viewable anywhere and with “live” data changes are immediate.

Data is kept on a secure “mirrored” server for extra security and all historical data is maintained, so it can be copied and reused at a later date.

Access to T-Cards Direct OnLine task flow management can be with a low-cost single or mutli-user licence agreement.

The simplicity and clarity of the T-Cards Direct system makes it one of the best business tools to help keep track, allocate and improve efficiency. All the features and benefits of a traditional T-Card system have been incorporated in the OnLine version with many additional features and benefits.

T Cards Direct

Philip Heine

Tel: 01732 871417

Email: sales@tcardsdirect.com


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