summit-ovenSpecialist meat products producer Summit Foods has launched a new cooked ingredients division, after making a major investment in an advanced continuous contact belt oven.

Manufactured by Berief of Germany, this highly flexible system has enabled Summit Foods to offer a wide selection of high quality, fully cooked meat products for food manufacturers including chicken, steak, bacon, sausages, burgers, meat balls and fish fingers. All products are individually quick frozen for convenience.

The new cooking line features a Teflon-coated belt grill, which removes the need for additional cooking fats or oils, leading to a healthier finished product. The simultaneous contact roasting from both sides takes place between two stainless steel platens heated by thermal oil. This gentler cooking process preserves flavour and succulence, while giving high uniformity in the finished product. The resulting appearance of the grilled products is similar to a pan-cooked product. With this machine, products can either be browned, browned and fully-cooked, or cooked without browning.

“Our new cooked products facility means we can offer a versatile bespoke service for all kinds of fully-cooked meat products, with the emphasis on both appearance, taste and value” said technical sales director Vanessa Lewis.

“We have more than a quarter of a century’s experience in manufacturing quality meat products, and we can now fully cater to the needs of today’s food manufacturers.”

Summit Foods Ltd

Vanessa Lewis, Technical Sales Director

Tel: 01772 322 153

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