The super glue category is growing, with consumers placing value in it across both the home and the office.

The Scotch Brand from 3M, already well-known for its innovation within the sticky tape market, is capitalising on this trend with the launch of its Scotch Super Glue Precision Applicators. The entry into the category follows extensive consumer research** carried out last year which identified gaps in the market and consumer needs.

With the new Scotch Super Glue Precision Applicator, available in both a liquid and gel format, a precision applicator answers consumer frustrations by ensuring accurate and controlled results.

The bottle utilises clever droplet technology, which releases the glue as the bottle is squeezed and draws any residue back in once finished with. This innovation in packaging creates an incredible 60 per cent less mess than traditional metal tubes. Not only does this stop the damage caused by excess glue, but it also eliminates the frustration of dried glue around the tip of the tube.

Additionally, the glue is packaged in a ‘stay-fresh’ bottle, which prevents it from drying out and clogging.

The Scotch Super Glue Precision Applicator is the ideal tool for both repairs and craft work given it cross-market appeal. In the gel format, the super glue provides added value as it fills gaps with ease, which makes it the ideal tool for DIY projects.

In addition to the Precision Applicator, a full range has been developed with solutions for a variety of needs and uses.

The Single Use Scotch Super Glue Gel pack contains four miniature tubes. Each tube is perfectly sized for one-off jobs, meaning it can be thrown away after use, eliminating the worry of the glue drying up before you need it again for the next job.

The Scotch Super Glue Pen is the ultimate tool for crafters. Fitted with a push-point tip, the pen will appeal to crafting enthusiasts looking for precise and easy application on delicate tasks.

The Scotch Super Glue Brush-On is fitted with a convenient built-in brush for the even dispensing of a thin layer of glue.

The Scotch Super Glue Advanced Formula is available in a liquid and gel format, and provides faster bonding times for added convenience.

The eye-catching red packaging allows consumers to easily recognise the trusted Scotch brand.

To enquire about stocking the full range, please contact your 3M Account Manager.

*7.2 per cent (2 years to May 2012)

** The research was conducted by Researchcraft for 3M UK Scotch, summer 2012

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