stax.jpgFollowing the launch of STAX mono a new mono material fibreboard pallet as an extension to their range of STAX Integrated pallet solutions. SCA Packaging’s Industrial division has now introduced the STAX solo pallet bearer and STAX mini integrated pallet case for P.O.S. and display. The latter is a joint development with the SCA Packaging’s Speciality division. The STAX mono utilises a newly developed pallet construction that offers lower cost, greater durability, and total flexibility providing the opportunity to tailor pallets to the exact requirements of the application, whereby they are easily attached to a case or supplied separately.

For applications where a full pallet or “deck strength” isn’t required the STAX solo pallet bearer can provide an even lower cost, clean and environmentally sound alternative. SCA Packaging claim that this flexibility will enable them to approach a much wider market than with previous STAX products.

Success breeds success
“From the success we have gained in the field of integrated pallets our recent experience has taught us that our products’ greatest virtue lies in its flexibility to provide solutions for individual applications rather than a “one size fits all standard pallet” says Martyn Reader Market Manager at SCA Packaging’s Industrial Division.

“In essence we are only applying the same philosophy to pallet solutions as we have done with cases which we have successfully marketed in the U.K. Industrial sector for over 40 years.

“STAX mono is a pallet system with all of the flexibility of a box as it can be supplied in virtually any size, small quantities, and printed in the same way as a box. For larger quantities it could even be supplied flat and erected at the point of use.”

Environmental Improvement
Manufactured from only Heavy Duty board (hence the name) STAX mono is easy to recycle as it can sit within the existing corrugated board waste stream. SCA claim this is a new environmental benefit compared to many other fibreboard pallets which utilise paper cores and so are extremely difficult to recycle and are unacceptable in some countries because of this difficulty.

The STAX Solo can go on to boast even greater environmental benefits as they really are minimal in terms of packaging waste. Utilising Solos the equivalent of 30 pallets could be stored in the space of a 1 Metre cube, minimising transport and storage costs.

As the environmental debate continues between which is best re-useable or re-cyclable pallets the escalating cost of retrieval of pool pallets (not withstanding the environmental cost of transport) is having an influence on many buyers looking to reduce all costs associated with fuel and energy.

STAX mono
Designed to support loads up to 1 tonne STAX mono can be connected to a 0201 case in seconds to provide a simple and strong integrated pallet case. This is achieved through a clever top and front locking device. Alternatively it can be supplied with a “cross laminated” Heavy Duty top for heavy / uneven loads or more difficult beam racking applications.

STAX solo
The STAX solo is a simple pallet bearer that is also manufactured entirely from Heavy Duty board. “Solos can be made to suit customers’ individual needs, be it 2 -way 4 – way flexible length, flexible strength,” claims Martyn Reader but as a guideline in a typical application  3 bearers would be suitable for transporting a 1 Tonne load.

The new STAX range is now in production at SCA Packaging’s Heanor plant in Derbyshire but again in terms of offering total flexibility to the customer coupled with applying SCA’s environmental responsibility, it is intended that production start up will follow quickly at the other SCA Industrial sheet plants throughout the U.K.

For further information, please contact SCA Packaging Industrial Division 01455 251400

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