Since joining the Swiss owned Staeger & Co Ag group in 2007, Staeger Clear Packaging (SCP) has established itself as the UK’s no1 designer and manufacturer of transparent packaging. Originally established in 2000 by local entrepreneur Ian Jamie, Coventry based SCP is now the preferred choice of major UK retailers & brand owners when needing packaging answers in clear plastic


Working closely with Marks and Spencer, SCP aided their move from PVC to APET and more recently to Rpet (re-cycled PET with 50% post-consumer waste), an important development within their PlanA.

From a customised BRC certificated site, SCP creates and produces a wide range of innovative clear packaging solutions including folding boxes, protective sleeves, collars, lids & bases in addition to cylinders and other inspirational tailor made possibilities. Primarily supplying Food & Confectionery, where Easter Eggs feature heavily, clear packaging is an ideal choice for producers of Houseplants & Flowers, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Multi Media and General Gifting where consumer appeal is increased by the ability to see what’s inside the packaging.

Not only is clear plastic the ideal substrate to showcase brands, it can also be used as a robust, flexible and protective solution for many different goods. For example, collars for Christmas Cakes are normally made from folding Boxboard which can be prone to staining and wicking through the exposed raw edge, whereas plastic forms a complete barrier preventing any discolouration of the printed surface that might be off putting for a consumer and prevent a sale.

The onsite design team have been recognised for their creative skills by receiving many awards and commendations such as Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year 2012 at the prestigious Packaging News Awards and a Silver from Starpack for structural design in 2014

In 2011 the business re-located to new premises in Coventry and with investment support from Group, has benefitted from approx. £2m worth of new processing equipment to help maintain its position of UK’S No1 in clear plastic packaging.

Tel: 02476581197


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