98372-copy-2SSP, the Food Travel Expert is working with X2 Computing to deliver new digital signage at outlets located in airports and railway stations across Norway. The new digital signage systems will comprise ruggedised LCD displays to replace the previous static menu board displays and present a more modern, professional and eye catching visual display at every outlet.

Albert Rognan, IT Manager for SSP Norway says: “We are working with X2 Computing as it was one of the only suppliers to offer a bespoke solution designed to meet our particular requirements and meet our tight deadlines. We have been impressed with the company’s enthusiastic approach and attention to detail that will enhance the customer experience and help drive significant increases in revenue at every location.”

X2 Computing is supplying SSP with three high-contrast 42” LCD screens for each location. They have exceptionally thin bezels, enabling them to be seamlessly mounted side by side in a portrait orientation, to appear as ‘one’ when the content requires it for a more aesthetically pleasing display. The commercial grade screens are also IP54 rated to the front, with toughened glass screens making them easier to clean and maintain in the busy commercial kitchen environments in which they will be used around the clock.

The powerful content management solution enables the screens in every location to be controlled remotely by SSP’s marketing team based at Oslo Airport from any PC, using a standard web browser. Breakfast, lunch and evening menus, as well as special offers, can be scheduled according to location, time period or event.

98312-copyAdvertisements comprising still or video images can also be scheduled according to the same parameters. Also, if required, urgent messages such as weather warnings or evacuation announcements can be scheduled or immediately sent out to all or specific digital signs to override or interrupt scheduled content.

X2 Computing has provided SSP with a green, energy efficient solution that will deliver significant savings by reducing the requirement for manpower, time and travel resources to manage the system. It can be remotely managed to automatically switch on and off at predetermined times, as well as allowing content updates and software upgrades to be carried out centrally. The low power requirements of the system also make it considerably quieter in operation as it does not require a cooling fan.

“We are experiencing a dramatic increase in the level of enquiries from retail operations that want to have total control of the digital signage deployed in retail premises across all market sectors,” added Francis Davis, Managing Director of X2 Computing. “The fact that SSP has been able to purchase this new digital signage solution outright will deliver further significant savings over the lifetime of the equipment compared to the rented or hosted solutions on offer from other suppliers.”

SSP is deploying the first digital signage solutions at Oslo Airport and Trondheim Airports. These will be followed by a full rollout to all food outlets situated at a further eleven airports and Oslo Central Train Station.

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