Health and wellness brand, Squirrel Sisters, which started as a blog by sisters Sophie & Gracie Tyrrell, has won recognition for their Raw Snack Bar range (launched in November 2015) by leading health and beauty retailer Boots UK, and will be available in their 250 stores nationwide from early November 2016. The Squirrel Sisters brand, which started in their family kitchen, is on a mission to bridge the gap between healthy – but tasteless – snacks and tasty – but not so healthy – treats. The Squirrel Sisters see this recognition from household name retailer Boots as a real game changer for their brand.
Now their range of products can be found in the UK’s most popular high street stores, they’ve proven that eating nutritious food can be fun, achievable and delicious – without having to make serious sacrifices in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Naturally, this innovative brand who’ve had no investment to date and are still a small team, see this as a remarkable achievement on the road to making a healthy, nutritious lifestyle available to all.

Their Raw Snack Bars, which come in four delicious flavours and beautifully packaged, are the Tyrrell sister’s own recipes; Gracie started out making them for Sophie when they lived together to cater for her sister’s gluten intolerance.

The Raw Snack Bars are made with 100% natural ingredients and are therefore suitable for the rapidly growing ‘Free From’ market – they are gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and completely sugar-free – as well as those who follow vegan, low GI or paleo lifestyles. The four flavors available in the range are; Cacao Brownie, Cacao Orange, Raspberry Ripple and Coconut Cashew. Each 40g bar is split into two 20g sticks (2x 20g per pack) coming in at under 91 calories each. Whilst calorie counting is going out of fashion, portion control is still important to consumers, therefore each portion includes two sticks presented in a small tray – making a more mindful experience, whilst encouraging sharing and also providing a great solution for mums who want smaller portions for children.

With the Squirrel Sisters growing up in a health conscious family – their mother is a yoga teacher – both Gracie and Sophie have always tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on fun and satisfaction. Therefore their strapline of ‘Treat your health’ is perfectly portrayed from product to packaging. Gracie Tyrrell, actress and Squirrel Sisters co-founder goes onto explain: “Our number one priority is taste. No one wants to be healthy if they have to sacrifice the enjoyment that comes from eating great food”.

The inclusion of the young and vibrant brand, Squirrel Sisters, joining the Boots Meal Deal shows that their Raw Snack Bar have succeeded in proving how good a healthy bar can taste and be. Health & wellbeing is a rapidly growing category and the support from a large British high-street retailer is testament to the growing demand from consumers to be able to access natural & healthy snacks more easily.

Sophie Tyrrell, ex Brand Manager and Squirrel Sisters co-founder, concludes: “This is a big moment for the Squirrel Sisters brand to be recognized by one of our most-loved British high-street brands”.


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