johnsons-newHealth conscious consumers looking for products at breakfast that provide natural health benefits are driving the growth of the freshly-squeezed juice market, according to the category-leading Johnsons Juice Co.

“Today’s consumers are much more discerning and associate freshly squeezed or pressed drinks with natural goodness, improved quality and minimal processing,” says Group Marketing Manager Andrew Ovens.

“This provides an opportunity for retailers to encourage consumers to trade up to freshly squeezed juice. Containing one hundred per cent fruit juice, with no freezing or concentrates, it’s better quality than alternative, processed products and delivers incremental sales.”

The recession has impacted on the drinks market but alongside a resurgence in demand for lower priced drinks has come a rise in demand for premium drinks that provide a treat or an indulgence at specific times or occasions, according to Johnsons.

In addition to being aimed at people looking for a refreshing, any time of day pick me up, Johnsons juices have been successfully targeted at the breakfast market, particularly at weekends when people have more time to enjoy a leisurely start to the day, starting with a quality breakfast.

“Like many other food and drink categories, drinks are shopped with occasions in mind and it makes sense to merchandise the fixture accordingly, making the shop even easier for consumers and reducing some of the confusion that prevails currently,” says Ovens.

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