Welcome to The Grocery Trader’s Spring Cleaning feature, with news and comments from Britain’s leading providers of household cleaning products. Our desire to clean our homes is deeply engrained – when we feel bright and cheerful, we want to live in surroundings to match. And if we feel depressed, it cheers us up to have a good clean up. That means shoppers getting out and buying the cleaning and household products they need to make their homes sparkle and everything in them fresh and clean.

chazRB is the manufacturer of some of the UK’s leading household brands as featured on these pages and is an expert on this category. RB continues to invest in NPD and marketing support across its brands, and is consistently one of Britain’s biggest TV advertisers. Talking about household and laundry products, RB UK’s advice is that there are specific times of year when household cleaning products need to be pushed in store.

First is the Christmas aftermath, when the decorations come down and the home looks dingy after the celebrations. Another big date for Household cleaning is when the clocks go forward. This year the date to remember is Sunday March 29th, the beginning of the traditional ‘Spring Clean’ season. That’s when the days are getting longer and the early spring sunshine exposes grimy, rain-stained windows and paintwork after the winter, and people feel they can’t put off the cleaning any longer.

But don’t wait until March to get your Household Cleaning section in good shape. We do get some sunny days in winter, which send the more active ones among us out walking, bird watching and so on. The sudden brightness indoors also shames us into finding the cleaning cupboard, and rushing out to buy the products we need.

For busy parents with school age children, keeping the house as clean as they’d wish is the Impossible Dream. With property prices as they are, the number of stay-at-home older children is increasing, but at least they might deign to get off their seats and get involved in the cleaning process!

With a general election on the way, we’ll be hearing a lot from the political parties over the next few months about how they plan to brighten up our lives, or otherwise, if we vote them into power. Does a post-election uplift mean a surge in demand for cleaning products? We shall see.

The bottom line is, make the most of the Spring Cleaning opportunity, but keep the household products section well signposted and stocked the rest of the time to remind shoppers it’s there – not just in spring!

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