6-disp-scourers-newCleaning products created to get men to do their fair share!

In a recent survey by Spontex, 59% of British men admitted they are prepared to go to any length to avoid housework.

The Spontex Cleaning Academy also discovered men feel uncomfortable using cleaning products designed with women in mind. Shabby chic and Cath Kidstone send men howling in the opposite direction of household chores!

In a bid to lure men back into the kitchen, Spontex has launched a range of scourers designed to appeal to both men and women.


4-tough-scourersThe QuadActive Sponge Scourer is the 4WD of the sink. Featuring innovative Quad technology, it slices through dirt like a Sherman tank but is a doddle to rinse out. And at just £1.29, it’s effortlessly affordable.


Expert Heavy Duty are the SAS of the scouring world. They demand respect with their black fatigues and even the most stubborn of grime will wilt in their path. At £1.29 for the Expert Pads and £1.79 for the Expert Super Absorbent, your wallet is the only thing that will not cower in fear!


The Tough Range deals with dirt and grease like the X-Men deal with Magneto. Made from rust-free stainless steel, Tough comes in a handy six-pack of disposables for those challenging, one-off jobs – a snip at £1.49. There’s also Handy Tough, complete with an ergonomic grip, for £1.35 and, toughest of them all, Tough, in a macho four-pack for £1.65.

Commenting on the decision to target men, Spontex marketing manager, Anita Bubb, said: “We’ve seen the likes of hammers, screwdrivers and Stanley knives given a feminine touch in recent years. Men are starting to feel emasculated – we didn’t want them to feel left out so we’ve created a range of tough scourers for the toughest of chores. There’s no excuse for men to avoid doing their share of the housework now!”

Find out more about Spontex’ tough approach to cleaning at www.spontex.co.uk

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