sl-cr-unit-011Spar Netherlands and transportation company Peter Appel have agreed The Netherland’s first ever deal for the use of environmentally friendly R-744 cooled temperature control units supplied by Thermo King.

The new deal, will revolutionise Spar’s supply chain process, achieving improvements in performance and energy efficiency.

The contract was awarded following a successful testing period coordinated by Thermo King, Peter Appel and fuel supplier Yara; during which Thermo King’s innovative CryoTech R-744 cooling units were tested for operational and environmental performance.

Spar has already begun using the innovative technology and expects that by 2012 some 80 per cent of its trailers will have adopted CryoTech refrigeration technology, and by 2015 it will have converted all of its units.

Laurent Debias, Marketing Director Thermo King Truck and Trailer, said: “The ground breaking CryoTech CT-15 cryogenic trailer units use recycled R-744 to achieve a significant reduction in emissions and improved performance compared to diesel. The new units will also achieve savings of somewhere in the region of 160,000L of diesel per year or a CO2 emissions reduction of about 427,000kg (equivalent to the emissions of 90 cars).”

Nico Kuipers, of Spar Holding HV, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Peter Appel in what is the first large scale project of its kind in the Netherlands. The technology developed by Thermo King will help us achieve our goals to increase energy savings and reduce our environmental impact.”

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