The maker of Solpadeine, Omega Pharma is investing £4 million in a new campaign aimed at helping pharmacy staff provide the right pain relief advice to their customers. This significant pharmacy support is backed by the return of Solpadeine to primetime TV, with advertising that aims to raise awareness of the importance of selecting the right pain relief option for each person.

SolpadeineThe campaign includes the development of new training booklets and online tools that help refresh pharmacy knowledge on the pain management category and ensure staff are able to provide in-depth support to customers suffering from a range of different pain types. Supplementary resources also provide advice on the Solpadeine range, helping to facilitate recommendations for finding an appropriate pain relief option for each customer. Omega Pharma has also invested in dedicated pharmacy training, as well as bespoke in-store POS materials to support customer selection.

Pain management is one of the most vital services provided by pharmacies today, with over 10 million people in the UK suffering from pain every day. Pharmacists are ideally placed to offer lifestyle and treatment advice and tackle some of the key pain relief challenges such as reluctance to treat, choosing the wrong treatments, subtherapeutic dosage and incorrect or overuse of treatments. Poor management of pain can have a range of negative personal and societal effects, including 25 million lost work or school days every year due to headache and migraine and 4.9 million work days lost to back pain.

A spokesperson for Solpadeine comments: “This significant investment in the Solpadeine range reflects our commitment to supporting pharmacy staff in identifying a pain relief option that is right for customers at the right time. We know pain relief requirements vary for different people and Solpadeine is useful on occasions when mild pain relief provided by paracetamol or ibuprofen isn’t enough. We want to equip pharmacy staff with this knowledge so they can better serve the different needs of their customers.”

Solpadeine will feature on primetime TV slots from the 1 August, highlighting that Solpadeine gets to work twice as fast as ordinary paracetamol tablets. This is the first time that the Solpadeine brand will feature on TV in over four years, a significant, high profile investment for the OTC pain relief category.

Solpadeine is the UK’s number one pharmacy only pain relief brand and includes a wide range of pain solutions to address different customer needs. This includes Solpadeine Plus Soluble which contains a triple acting set of ingredients, including codeine to block pain messages, paracetamol to relieve pain symptoms and caffeine to help speed up absorption of the paracetamol.

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