Non-alcoholic distilled spirit, Amplify, analysed recent market data to predict uplift in alcohol-free sales once again

With Sober October on the horizon, coupled with shifting consumer trends towards healthier lifestyles as Gen Z’s are reported to consume 20% less alcohol than Millennials did at their age[1], the number of participants planning on giving up alcohol this October is set to hit record numbers. Last year, over 60,000 consumers signed up to Sober October via its official website[2].

As a result, consumers are looking towards alcohol alternatives that can help ease the transition towards alcohol moderation, whilst not making them feel left out at social occasions.

With that in mind, 62.5% of UK adults are said to have at least tried a low or no-alcohol product and 25% consider themselves to be semi-regular drinkers of them[3].

Also, the past year has seen 23.5 million litres of low and no-alcohol beer, cider and wine sold in UK supermarkets, a staggering rise of 51.4% since 2020[4].

Therefore, the low and no-alcohol sector offers a growing opportunity for drinks manufacturers and retailers to capitalise on a rapidly developing market.

Amy McLeod, Marketing Manager for ICB, commented: “Demand for low and no-alcohol drinks has seen rapid growth over recent years and shows no signs of slowing down, as the low and no-alcohol market is projected to increase by 31% by 2024[5].

“With key mindful drinking events like Sober October coming up, they serve as a gateway for consumers to trial an alcohol-free lifestyle with fantastic alternatives like Amplify.”

Amplify is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit, satisfying the taste buds with the full-bodied flavour of traditional spirits whilst avoiding the hangover next day.

Amplify is available from Ocado, Amazon, Master of Malt and Drink Supermarket at RRP £15 for a 50cl bottle and £18 for a 12-pack of 250ml cans.?To find out more about Amplify, please visit?

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