Smirnoff, the world’s number one vodka brand[1], has introduced a new flavoured vodka Smirnoff Raspberry Crush (37.5% ABV) to the UK.

Available in a 70cl format, the new vibrant pink liquid has natural raspberry flavours and can be pre-ordered from 28th June on Drink Supermarket and will be available across retailers and wholesale from 12th July as well as selected on-trade venues later in the year.

The newest product launch from Smirnoff comes as flavoured vodka are experiencing the fastest growth within the vodka category, having increased +30% vs LY[2]. At the forefront of innovation, Smirnoff Raspberry Crush is set to invigorate the vodka category, recruiting new drinkers through its accessibility, great taste and ability to be enjoyed with friends as part of many delicious, simple and diverse serves such as: Smirnoff Raspberry Crush with lemonade, Raspberry Crush Spritz, Woo Woo or a Smirnoff Raspberry Crush Royale.

The new bottle is encased in striking packaging and has impactful shelf appeal, featuring vibrant colours to match its bold, juicy raspberry flavour profile. With research revealing that 5.5m vodka consumers don’t drink gin[3], the new liquid aims to provide greater choice, allowing it to be enjoyed across a variety of occasions such as the early-evening moment.

The launch of Smirnoff Raspberry Crush will be supported with a £2.93m marketing investment to disrupt the market and make a distinctive entrance to the category.

Nick Payman, Head of Smirnoff, comments: “The launch of Smirnoff Raspberry Crush is a big step towards further invigorating and adding excitement to the vodka category. Smirnoff, a renowned and trusted brand, is perfectly placed to do this as well as recruit new audiences to vodka. The vibrancy of the new pack and liquid, from its colour to its taste, will provide maximum shelf stand out and menu appeal for the trade to capitalise on.

“The new launch provides consumers the opportunity to enjoy vodka serves at a wide range of events, from casual, early evening occasions to elevated experiences and get-togethers, and focuses in creating fun, delicious serves.”

[1] By volume and value – IWSR 2020 data

[2] Nielsen scantrack mat to 31.10.20

[3] Kantar Alcovision MAT to 30.09.20 total trade

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