SmartFocus is an innovator in messaging and communications, enabling the world’s largest brands – including House of Fraser, Nestlé and Mercedes-Benz – to understand and connect more closely with today’s consumers, whether that be via web, mobile, email or social channels.

GTpngEvery year, SmartFocus executes more than five million marketing campaigns, manage more than five billion customer records, and deliver more than 60 billion personalised interactions.

Customers rely on SmartFocus to deliver business-critical, joined-up marketing campaigns that make a difference to their customers and to the growth of their business.

Through The Message Cloud solution, SmartFocus listens to and learns from brands’ customers using patented algorithms and unique location-based marketing tools. Using The Message Cloud, SmartFocus customers have the rich data, intelligence and the tools for contextually unique engagements with their customers, through any digital channel.

The SmartFocus Message Cloud includes proximity technology that knows when a customer visits your store; it gives real-time predictive recommendations generated at the precise moment a customer opens your email or visits your site; and it provides powerful insights that use smart analysis of Big Data to effortlessly generate a truly personal experience.

• Connect in place – Engage your customer with the right message, wherever they are – instore via smart display and mobile, as well as online

• Connect in time – Target your customer with personalised recommendations – in real-time, at the perfect moment to encourage purchase

• Gain powerful insight – Use smart analysis of Big Data to predict your customer’s next purchase – before they know themselves

The world has changed.

Consumption has blurred into one seamless experience, which is both physical and virtual. Consumers no longer distinguish between channels – convenience, immediacy and availability are all that matters.

Your brand’s customers are embracing this shopping revolution.

Understanding people is our business and we interpret consumer signals to provide actionable insight for our customers. We help brands to communicate with their customers in the moment, irrespective of whether it’s in-store, on their mobile, online or via email.

The SmartFocus Message Cloud enables you to engage with your customers when and where it’s relevant to them. Generate and retain demand; build brand awareness, interest and deepen engagement. Developing a deep understanding of your customers and what drives rewarding experiences.

SmartFocus helps you answer the critical commercial questions: Who are your customers? What do they spend? Where are they? And enables you to act on that information, boosting customer engagement, conversions, profitable purchases and repeat sales.


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