Abba Seafood makes it easy to cook tasty fish that the whole family will enjoy. Oven-bake Simply Add Fish! cook-in sauce for 20 minutes with 4 portions of fish fillets – for example salmon or cod – and you’ll have a quick, tasty fish dish for hectic weekdays. Three mild flavours have been developed by chefs and tested with kids, all to make it easy to vary the fish repertoire.


Lovely fish dishes at the blink of an eye

Abba Seafood knows that people wants to eat more fish. That’s why they have developed Simply add fish! – the most convenient partner in the kitchen when you want to serve a perfectly cooked fish dish on a hectic weekday.

While doing research they found out that almost all UK families want their kids to eat more fish without serving them fish fingers every time. Most people also want to eat more fish because they know it’s healthy and they like the taste of it. They just find it hard to know what to do with the fish and feel a bit unsure about how to get it cooked well. Abba Seafood wanted to help UK families to eat more fish, that’s why they brought Simply add fish! abroad.

A Swedish success

When Simply add fish! was launched in Sweden, Abba Seafood could never had guessed the success that was coming up. The first year 10 million servings were sold – and notice that only 9 million people lives in Sweden!

Convenient shopping

Anette Edvardsson, Key Account Manager at Abba Seafood’s export department, says that most people think of Abba Seafood as a traditional company that sells a lot of herring, spreads (including “Kalles kaviar”) and caviar for Christmas and the holidays. That’s why it’s even more exciting to launch such an innovative product for everyday-meals as Simply add fish!

“We are thrilled that the recent launch at Ocado ( was such a great start in the UK. At the moment we’re in touch with a regular retailer as well, so soon Simply add fish! will be even more available in the UK”, Anette says with a smile. “Encouraged by the Swedish success and the fantastic test results in the UK we look forward to settle in the British households and help them make it easy to cook delicious fish dishes”.

Abba Seafood

Amanda Boberg, Marketing Coordinator – Export department

Tel: + 46 31 – 701 45 24


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