As one of the world’s leading system suppliers of carton packaging and filling machines for beverages and food, SIG Combibloc now offers an additional long life food packaging option with its heat-resistant combisafe carton pack, which can be sterilised in an autoclave. It complements the company’s existing range of aseptic carton systems for dairy, juice and liquid food products.


combisafe extends the scope of food products to those containing chunky particulates. In the UK, combisafe is currently used in a range of retailer own label products such as organic beans and pulses, passata and chopped tomatoes.

combisafe offers the manufacturer flexible and accurate filling options, using modular filling units including multi-head weighers. It’s also the only retortable carton packaging available which offers the option of fully rotational sterilisation during the autoclave process, delivering optimum temperature distribution inside the carton pack. It’s available in 200 ml, 300 ml, 400 ml and 500 ml pack sizes. In just a few steps, the filling machines can be adjusted for a specific volume for unparalleled volume flexibility.

Due to its rectangular shape, manufacturers and retailers will also benefit from maximised efficiency of storage, transportation and use of shelf space in the supply chain.

SIG Combibloc offers a complete perforation opening for combisafe, which means the top of the carton can simply and safely be torn off by consumers without the use of scissors, opening the top of the carton pack completely. This is perfect for chunkier foods and allows easy pouring, and even spooning, to remove all the contents hence minimising food waste.

Imelda Harrington, Key Account Manager at SIG Combibloc Ltd, commented: “combisafe makes it possible to fill chunkier food products such as beans and pulses into carton packs, offering a safe and secure alternative to glass, cans or pouches.”

Imelda continued: “SIG Combibloc has more than 35 years’ aseptic filling and carton expertise and we have applied this to our autoclave-sterilised combisafe carton pack, which now extends the packaging scope for manufacturers and their long life food ranges.”

As with all SIG Combibloc carton packs, combisafe is made from up to 75% renewable raw materials. combisafe carton packs can be collected and recycled in the same way that SIG Combibloc’s existing aseptic packs are today. SIG Combibloc is a founding member of ACE UK, which has partnered with Sonoco to open the new UK carton recycling mill later this year. ACE UK has also focused on driving up Local Authority kerbside collection of used carton packs, which has already passed 50% and is expected to increase as a result of the new mill starting operations. This will make it easier for consumers to recycle their carton packs in the UK.

SIG Combibloc

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