complete-perforation-from-sig-combiblocSIG Combibloc has introduced aseptic carton packs for liquid food products with a perforation all the way across the top. Complete perforation means the carton pack can be opened all the way across the top without the use of additional tools, and every last drop of the product can be fully emptied out. This handy little touch makes the carton packs from SIG Combibloc particularly suitable for chunky and highly viscous products, which are much easier to empty out of the carton pack if it can be opened all the way.

Convenience continues to be a key issue in the food industry. Surveys in Germany, France and the USA show that consumers rate easy opening as a high priority when it comes to food packaging. In a direct comparison between fully perforated carton packs and food metal cans with ring-pull, the carton pack scored significantly higher in terms of ease of opening.

The format combiblocCompact is the first package format from SIG Combibloc to go on sale with the full perforation. combiblocCompact comes in 200, 250, 300, 350, 375, 400 and 500 ml volumes and all volumes can be filled using one and the same filling machine from SIG Combibloc. To provide the full perforation, just one small adjustment needs to be made to the filling machine, using the appropriate modification kit. The food manufacturer can then fill products in carton packs, either with complete perforation or without. For greater ease of handling, the carton gable has been made five millimetres higher, giving the consumer a firmer grip when opening. More carton formats from SIG Combibloc will soon be available with a complete perforation.

Because the carton packs are the same size and shape with and without the full perforation when filled in identical volumes, there is no effect on secondary packaging or transport.

Complete perforation on course for success

The first products in carton packs with a full perforation in the UK are Tesco Chopped Tomatoes and Asda Baked Beans. The first full perforation packs were launched by Italian company Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro, a manufacturer specialising in tomato products.

An indulgent treat straight from the carton pack

Treats such as instant pudding, semolina and rice pudding packaged in small-format carton packs with a perforation are set to be the perfect snacks for people on the go. Even for eating when out and about, with the perforation all the way across the top the pack can be opened easily and without tools, and the products can be spooned straight out of the carton pack.

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