oral_b_still8_000Oral-B® the leading power toothbrush brand within the UK market, is back on TV with its largest multimedia initiative to date, with a media spend of over £5 million. The new advertising creative, designed to educate the nation on the importance of maintaining good oral health will appear on TV screens until the end of December 2010, with the strapline, ‘Seize Power Today’.

The advert, created by Publicis, opens with a man walking his dog on a hill. There is nobody else in sight and it is completely silent. Suddenly the dog stops and his ears prick up as he hears a buzzing sound. The ad continues to show a series of people in a variety of situations, from a woman in a car to a pianist in a theatre, all of whom hear the buzzing sound, but confusingly, are unable to work out where the noise is coming from!

The advert cuts to a woman who can hear the buzzing sound in her apartment. She puts a glass against her wall to see if it’s coming from next door. A voiceover says, “Listen, you can hear it. The revolution”. The ad then takes us though the wall into the next door’s bathroom where a woman is cleaning her teeth using an Oral-B® power toothbrush and the voiceover returns to  say, “Every minute of every day someone new seizes power.”

Cutting to a digital demonstration, the scene showcases the results of a manual toothbrush versus an Oral-B® power toothbrush and the voiceover states “… The power to remove twice as much plaque as a manual brush.”

The closing frames show a series of different people turn off their power brush so that the buzzing sound stops. The voiceover returns to say, “The power to get a dentist clean feeling everyday. Seize power today.”

Commenting on the new advertising creative, Oral Care Business Leader at Procter & Gamble, Jo Ladbrook says, “Research shows that one in four households in the UK are now embracing power, but there is still plenty of opportunity to grow. With our new ad creative, we aim to increase UK household penetration, encourage trade up to more premium Oral-B® power toothbrushes, and also communicate the very serious message that using Oral-B® power toothbrushes give consumers both a superior, dentist clean feeling.”

The adverts will run until the end of December 2010 in the UK and will be supported by print, online and in store activity which includes a 50% discount offer in a number of retailers (subject to availability), all set to kick start the power revolution leading up to Xmas 2010.



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