Scotty Brand introduced bacon to their portfolio last autumn and it has been sizzling on Scottish breakfast tables ever since.

SCOTTY-BRAND-139Traditional Scottish breakfasts are still a regular staple for many Scottish families, especially at the weekend, and the introduction of Scotty Brand bacon recognises this tradition.

The quality of the product makes it stand out from others. With customer focus now higher than ever on food provenance and traceability, especially meat products, Scotty Brand’s logo can ensure customers that they are buying quality Scottish products.

Michael Jarvis, head of marketing for Scotty Brand, says, “All our products are produced and packed in Scotland, and are easily recognised in store – this gives customers the assurance when they are buying our products that they are buying great quality food. ”

Scotty Brand bacon is produced by Scotland’s oldest-established bacon curers. The company takes 100% Specially Selected Pork Approved by the Scottish SPCA and cures them in its secret recipe brine. The bacon is carefully matured for up to two weeks, allowing the natural flavours to develop and infuse at their own pace. Less careful producers inject their bacon with water, but with Scotty Brand bacon, there is no added water so it is full of natural flavour and won’t shrink away in the pan to crisp up beautifully.

Scotty Brand Berries

Scotty Brand strawberries and raspberries are in season from June through to September, which leaves plenty of time for a healthy berry breakfast.

Scotty Brand berries can be eaten on their own; served with muesli, added to porridge, or mixed with other fruits to make a delicious smoothie. They are also extremely healthy with 8 strawberries containing more vitamin C than one orange, while raspberries are one of the most antioxidant-rich of all the fruits.

Scotty Brand strawberries are grown and packed in Scotland by Bruce Farms, in the Perthshire region of Scotland which is renowned for its soft fruit; the light, fertile soil, long summer days and mild nights provide the perfect conditions for growing the soft fruits.

Scotty Brand strawberries come in 300g punnets, and Raspberries in 180g punnets – both are available in ASDA and Morrison’s stores in Scotland, as well as Dobbies in England.


The 200g packs of Scotty Brand bacon are available in ASDA stores throughout Scotland.

Scotty Brand

Michael Jarvis, head of marketing

Tel: 01236 771 742


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