For more than 70 years, Schwank has been a market leader in the production of high-quality and cost-efficient heating systems. Specialising in innovative infrared technology, the company has extensive expertise in designing and installing systems for industrial and commercial buildings, as well as for heating sports arenas and stadiums.

Specifically relevant to the food retail industry is Schwank’s experience having heated more than 20 million m2 of distribution centres with its energy saving systems. These have provided customers with extensive economic and environmental benefits, providing high levels of performance combined with energy efficiency, reducing both operating costs and carbon emissions.

Heating Distribution Centres

Saving energy, operating and investment costs are becoming increasingly important in food retail as in other sectors, where a difficult economic environment is combined with the need to meet increasingly pressing demands to minimise environmental impact.

The unique Schwank heating designs fulfil these requirements and provide benefits that are particularly attractive for distribution centres:

• Even when doors are kept open comfortable temperatures are maintained. Because infrared heat is absorbed by the floor it does not get lost as quickly as conventionally generated heating if doors are kept open.

• Balanced temperature levels and comfortable heat are produced in all areas of the building.

• Infrared heating does not create mechanical air movement inside the building, so goods will not get coated with dust.

• If the use of a facility changes [e.g., due to a different user profile or racking], the flexible Schwank systems can be easily changed and adjusted.

Infrared heating systems transmit heat by means of electromagnetic waves [heat radiation], which explains why air movements due to open doors have only a very limited impact on the comfortable indoor temperature. With loading bays and doors on all the sides of the building, only infrared heating systems can really be trusted to heat the indoor space efficiently.

Infrared Benefits v Conventional Systems

• Low energy costs – potential savings between 30% – 50%

• Lower heat input needed due to effective heat radiation

• Low carbon footprint

• Lower investment costs

• No warm air cushions below the roof

• Possibility of zone / area heating [e.g., in the picking area]

• Ceiling mounted systems not requiring any floor space

• No dust swirls created by air movement

• Modular adaptation easy to implement if the use of a facility changes

Infrared heaters work according to the principle of the sun, with infrared radiation penetrating the air nearly loss-free. This radiation is absorbed by objects such as floors and walls which in turn convert the energy into heat, providing major energy savings.

Schwank supplies a wide range of industrial heating products and tailor-made heating solutions, including plaque heaters and tube heaters, manufactured in Germany to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Extensive customer support provided includes:

• Design, installation, maintenance and full service

• Compliance with regulations

• Heating costs comparison

• Detailed system documentation

• Comprehensive installation and operating manuals

• At least 10 years of spare parts replacement guarantee

More than 150,000 satisfied customers and over 2 million manufactured appliances speak for the company’s successful manufacturing and customer service record.

Industry award winner

Schwank has a string of awards to its name for demonstrating high quality standards, leadership in its industry sector and entrepreneurial achievements in energy efficiency and sustainability, given out by leading organisations in Germany, the USA and elsewhere. The latest was recently presented to Schwank by the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia for best performance as a “World market leader in the area of Gas Infrared Heating.”

This award is part of the Location Marketing Campaign “Germany at its best: North Rhine-Westphalia,” recognising excellence in industry, science, culture and sport. The campaign focuses on the performance of companies in the State, presenting awards to those that show the best results on a national, European and international level.

Incidentally, this regional campaign has itself been internationally recognised by receiving the Nikkei Advertising Award in Japan.

Schwank Ltd

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