The nation’s best-known cleaning guru, Aggie MacKenzie is widely recognised for her tips and advice on how to keep our homes clean. Her probiotic cleaning products deliver the highest standards of cleanliness without killing off the ‘friendly’ germs that we actually need to protect our family and prevent the spread of the ‘bad boys’.

We all want our children to enjoy playing in the garden with friends during the summer holidays so what’s the best way to make sure we keep their outdoor toys and the garden furniture spic and span?

According to Aggie, using the probiotic multi-surface cleaner from her range will help keep toys and furniture clean and safe for up to eight days: “It’s vital we begin to understand that providing a clean environment for our children doesn’t mean we have to bleach everything into oblivion on a daily basis!” says Aggie, “When we do this, we are preventing the good germs from doing their job that helps keep the bad ones at bay. With a probiotic cleaner we are preventing the growth of nasty germs can cause us harm, but keeping the good ones that help us, and then letting them do their job. I’m really keen that people begin to understand the benefits of probiotic cleaning, not just so that they can buy my products, but so that we can spread the word about making use of the good germs to help us all stay healthier and safer in the long term.”

It’s not only outdoor toys and garden furniture that can benefit from this refreshing approach to household cleaning, Aggie also believes that we should be paying more attention to the electronic gadgets and equipment most of our children use daily.

Whether it’s the games console handset, the mobile phone or the computer keyboard, all of these are wonderful germ magnets, and also things we frequently forget as part of our cleaning routine, says Aggie: “I’ve seen computer keyboards covered in bits of leftover food and crumbs, and sticky after children have eaten and then gone straight back to their pc game. Tests on gaming handsets have often revealed frighteningly high levels of bacteria too, and the same applies to mobile phones. I’d suggest giving these a regular wipe over with a clean cloth sprayed with the multi-surface cleaner. That way you don’t just get them clean, but they’re then protected for several days. It’s a good habit to get into.”

Aggie’s probiotic cleaning products are the first in the UK to make use of the benefits of probiotics for household cleaning. They are currently available in Homebase, Sainsbury, Lakeland and Booths. You can choose from the multi surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner and toilet cleaner, and look out for the new washing up liquid coming soon. All the products have a sparklingly fresh grapefruit and lime fragrance.

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