A new vehicle fill calculator has been launched by SCHOELLER Allibert, the leading returnable transit packaging (RTP) specialist, aimed at saving time, trips and ultimately emissions.

The easy-to-use tool calculates the number of full crates per pallet and per truck for outward deliveries, as well as providing the number of empty folded or nested crates that each pallet and truck can carry on the return journey. All that is required of the user is to complete three fields -the available vehicle height, the number of pallet spaces and the height of the pallet – then select their chosen container model from a simple drop-down menu.

“We have developed the vehicle fill calculator to complement the expertise of our sales and support teams, and to give more control to customers,” explained Simon Knights, commercial director at SCHOELLER Allibert. “With the required data now available instantly, the calculations can increase efficiencies for our customers by ensuring they are utilising the full capacity of each vehicle and not transporting ‘fresh air’. We hope this information can help them to reduce journeys, resulting in time, cost and carbon savings.”

Options are available to calculate the per pallet and per truck load based on nesting and folding crates, folding large containers (FLCs) or attached lid containers (ALCs), as well as computing the number of container that can be carried on a single or double-stacked pallet.

Simon added: “SCHOELLER Allibert has a strong reputation for helping customers improve the efficiency of their business, by offering solutions that save time and eliminate costly packaging waste. The new calculator is a further contribution to achieving environmental targets.”


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