TopCashback’s new ‘Snap & Save’ technology gives consumers access to cashback savings on groceries bought on the high street.

TopCashback, the UK’s 35th fastest growing private company, has applied its online business model, which drives £400 million in sales to retailers annually, to the high street for the very first time. Consumers can now earn in-store cashback across eight major retailers nationwide using their mobile phone. The aptly named ‘Snap & Save’ scheme is the newest innovation in mobile discounts and is the first of its kind to be implemented by a cashback website.

After purchasing products eligible for cashback, consumers simply snap a picture of the receipt with their smartphone, submit it through the mobile’s pre-downloaded TopCashback app and the promised cashback is credited to their TopCashback account. Items eligible for cashback will change from week to week, giving consumers access to a wide range of discounts.

The launch taps into the growing trend of consumers shopping through their mobile phones, which is predicted to become mainstream activity in 2013. Last year saw technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook saving their biggest launches for a mobile event for the first time, the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, no doubt in anticipation of this shift in behavior. Thus TopCashback’s launch of Snap & Save will effectively enable consumers to earn cashback through what is set to be the preferred method of shopping and accessing the internet for the majority of Britons.

Natasha-Rachel Smith, Head of Communications for TopCashback said: “We’re thrilled to be pioneering this new development in cashback shopping and believe it has the potential for significant growth, as the facility could quickly evolve for use against the cost of hundreds of products across a wide range of sectors beyond Grocery. With our website driving £400 million in sales every year to online merchants we envision Snap & Save becoming a facility that drives sales equally momentous to brick-and-mortar retailers.

“As market leader in the performance marketing arena, we are constantly striving to create new features to incentivise consumers to shop with our merchants. We envisage the Snap & Save scheme to do just this; driving footfall on to the ailing high street, which is an important and essential part of retail space, and the revival of which is crucial to our economy.”

Natasha concluded: “It’s wonderful to see technology inspiring the internet and high street to work hand-in-hand. Snap & Save is just one of five ways TopCashback supports offline spending.”

• To access the Snap & Save tool, consumers must first download the TopCashback mobile app on to their iPhone or Android handset – it’s free to download and use

• Further details on how to download the mobile app can be read at

• Once receipts have been submitted, cashback will usually take two or three days to track (up to seven in busy periods) and will move to payable immediately

• Users can earn cashback on an item once per week

• For those who don’t have a smartphone or access to the TopCashback app, cashback can still be earned by submitting receipts through the website here: is the UK’s biggest free cashback site and is completely free to join and use. It passes at least 100% of the commission rate that retailers pay it – to advertise their products and services – back to its members. The site has nearly two million members, which is more than double the amount of members in the last 18 months alone.

TopCashback includes over 3,700 merchants (from high street big names to smaller, niche online sellers). £3 million cashback is earned by TopCashback’s members each month, with £400 million of transactions passing through it each year.

In 2012 it launched seven product-comparison tools, covering credit cards and insurance policies, which uniquely find the cheapest, and most appropriate, products for consumers’ needs while paying the commission rate to the individual as a cashback rebate on top.

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