Jungheinrich has launched the latest addition of its hydrostatically driven 3s, 4s, and 5s series of engine-powered counterbalanced forklift trucks.


Thanks to a new control system, the trucks feature a high degree of energy efficiency and deliver top performance, coupled with extremely low fuel consumption.

As part of the re-engineering process, the trucks feature a new hydraulic pump which delivers exactly the right amount of oil required for the trucks’ operational hydraulics. In practice this means an increase of up to 20 percent in the efficiency of the lift and hydraulic functions.

In addition, a new engine design means that the trucks not only meet the stringent requirements of the latest European emissions directive, but offers significantly improved energy efficiency that results in a reduction in fuel consumption of around eight percent – saving money, reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

To ensure that maximum product throughput rates are achieved, the engine speed increases automatically during lifting operations. The trucks’ hydrostatic drive technology ensures steering and operational hydraulic operations are direct, precise and effortless. While five pre-set operating programs enable the driver to adjust the operational characteristics of the truck to suit the job at hand with the touch of a button

A new compact mast means that driver’s field of vision has been significantly enhanced too. Compact nesting of sections, optimised hose and chain guides as well as two openings in the crossbar, all combine to improve driver visibility by up to 85 per cent.

The design of the trucks’ control panel gives the driver an excellent view of the load and fork tips. A strut-free, safety glass window in the overhead guard affords the operator an unobstructed upward view when stacking and retrieving pallets, while the position of the counterweight ensures a clear view to the rear.

As you would expect from a Jungheinrich product, the trucks deliver a high level of safety in daily operations. Their extremely low centre of gravity – a result of a clever counterweight design and the rear axle floating over the wheel suspension – means that the trucks do not need a costly to maintain electronic stability program.

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