It has been a very exciting year for RMS, with many new retailers embracing their suite of application tools which have been designed by retailers, for retailers. The launch of their new brand ‘Metro’, aims to consolidate the RMS reputation of providing a ‘best in class’ solution enabling retailers to plan their own journey according to their business requirements.


Metro provides a clear illustration of key ‘application lines’, each having interoperability, removing the need for dozens of disparate applications. RMS Metro offers an extended interconnected and consolidated suite, with modules comprising communication excellence and engagement, people, scheduling and learning management, process automation with workflow, contract and CRM, and print.

What this means in real terms for the many leading retailers using RMS software is that they can plan and target store communications, tasks and activities directly to individuals within store teams, as and when they are scheduled to work. In addition they can also deliver high quality shelf edge ticketing specifically based on individual store attributes, such as the number of windows, products, meterage or merchandising order of products.

Consigned to history are the days of searching for information from within a communal inbox or cumbersome intranet. Instead, a personalised webpage will display only information that is relevant to them as an individual – if they are not scheduled to work, or do not work within a particular department, unrelated tasks or information does not distract from the work they do. Conversely, any ‘company-wide’ information can be presented as a news item and be accompanied with a survey to capture feedback or simply confirm that the news item has been understood.

For grocery retailers in particular, daily checks, due diligence and other paper based processes have been replaced with simple yet powerful web-forms, delivered when and where appropriate to ensure the business remains a compliant and safe place to trade.

Print Controller

Building on the high degree of ‘self-service’ configuration within all Metro applications, the most welcomed functionality seen by RMS customers has been to their Print Controller module. Already responsible for benefiting many retailers with increased revenues and profitability, the latest Print Controller module makes it incredibly simple to bring ‘tickets that sell’ to the shelf edge faster and more cost effectively than ever before. With shoppers relying on visual cues more than any other ‘sensory stimuli’, the shelf edge is regarded by RMS as the most important piece of real estate any retailer owns and with this in mind, Print Controller has been designed to deliver even greater value.

Phillip Adcock (SBXL) recently cited that in today’s modern supermarket, shoppers are confronted with a different offer every ½ second, yet will buy only 1 out of 500 products available in-store. In order to increase these odds, products simply have to be made more appealing and engaging when on-shelf. The right choice of colour for instance can increase product stand out by 80%, whereas product appearance improves engagement by a whopping 323%. Imagery increases preference by 36%.

If you engage shoppers at the shelf edge you stand to increase promotional effectiveness by 35% without even changing the offer or price – if you have struggled in the past to create a compelling argument or ROI for implementing better shelf edge ticketing, then look no further. Print Controller allows retailers to build ‘emotional’ responses within their template designs in order to maximise customer spend.

By disposing of the out-dated approach other ticketing vendors operate, RMS have done away with the need for retailers to fund significant ‘up-front’ set up costs – particularly those associated with importing data, holding store attributes and setting up templates where costs regularly run into many ££££’s.

In keeping with other Metro modules, a single, cost effective monthly charge provides retailers with the environment, skills and support to connect, upload, create and manage ticketing data themselves, along with the facility to design their own ticketing templates.

Add to this a fully configurable interface, the retailer swiftly builds their own GUI widgets and workflow to enable specific quick print actions. Naturally, the retailer can opt to have RMS undertake these services if they wish however they think it not only right that they have the choice but importantly are able to make future changes themselves quickly, easily and cost effectively.

RMS deliver a completely ‘self-service’ ticketing solution designed specifically for today’s cloud based technologies, although if the retailer prefers, they can still host the service themselves ‘on-premises’ or indeed opt to integrate RMS’s Print Controller Client directly into their EPoS system.

RMS are industry leading trusted advisors in the retail marketplace. For over a decade, more than 75 of the best-known UK retailers have reported dramatic improvements in compliance; higher productivity of employees; and increased revenue and profitability after implementing software from RMS.


Karen Dyke – Managing Director

Rob Morgan – New Business

Tel: 02380 816000


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