The ability to promote products in a physical store is a critical component of retailing. In a crowded market, it ensures standout – supporting promotional cycles and new product launches.

Logo-Teal[2]Across retail end aisle, POS, and shelf positioning is executed by retailers and suppliers working together to drive sales and improve customer experience.

However, replicating these proven and established – methods in the online environment has been a challenge. Often the online experience is led by generic sorting of products into lists such as ‘best-selling’ or ‘price’, which fail to support products in strategic promotional cycles. Plus, the ability to highlight new products is limited and slow – a problem for both retailers and suppliers.

Elevaate, the new technology platform, is working with retailers and suppliers to help solve this problem.

Elevaate allows retailers, like Iceland, to create real-time, promotional space on their websites; giving suppliers the opportunity to merchandise product in relevant categories, associated categories, and in unique online customer journeys such as ‘favourites’ or ‘basket’ pages. All integrated seamlessly into the customer experience, driving conversion.

This allows suppliers to support product launches and promotions by replicating the end aisle mechanic, drive additional sales through associated categories, and create impulse purchases in digital journeys.

The platform allows controlled, real-time product merchandising, with no reliance on IT or existing systems. Elevaate empowers  retailers and suppliers, large and niche, to strategically drive online sales and provide an improved customer experience.

Importantly, Elevaate provides insight behind the merchandising activity – helping retailers and suppliers improve the effectiveness of merchandising campaigns.

The world of merchandising is evolving and as more commerce moves online the opportunity for retailers and suppliers to discover new, data driven opportunities is exciting and highly lucrative.

‘Retailers are simply not maximising what they can achieve digitally,’ says Simon Harrow, CEO. ‘The idea that drives Elevaate is one that changes a retailer’s ability to leverage their digital channels and helps suppliers engage in real-time data driven activities; creating tangible value for customers, suppliers, and the retailer.‘

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