Union Industries, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial rapid roll doors, is helping one of the world’s largest food packaging companies to maintain the environmental integrity of its manufacturing areas.


Pactiv Food Services, which is based in Illinois, USA, required two more specialist doors at its manufacturing plant in Sedgefield, County Durham. The Sedgefield plant already has three of Union’s heavy duty Bulldoors on site.

Leeds-based Union Industries designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its own range of fast acting doors, which open at up to 1.6m per second by using various activation methods for full automatic operation, whether by Forklift Trucks or pedestrians, both on the internal and external sides of an opening.

In common with the other doors in the range, the Bulldoor also features Union’s highly-regarded ‘Crash-Out & Auto-Reset’ damage protection facility, which ensures the door remains operable if the heavy duty steel composite bottom beam is hit by a vehicle.

Kristen Percy, of Pactiv, said: “We already have three of Union’s Bulldoors on site. They rise and lower safely, quickly and automatically, save time for our forklift drivers and reduce the ingress of cold air from external areas into our facility.

“They’re also very beneficial as they help maintain temperatures and humidities in our manufacturing areas. With the doors opening and closing in just a few seconds, we find that there are efficiencies there too as well as improved hygiene in the factory.

“The installation process was painless on our newest doors, as it was with the previous doors fitted. The free-entry into Union’s Lifetime Warranty Scheme is also very beneficial to us as Union technicians come to check the doors after 6 months totally free-of-charge, and we also get a free service on the new doors within the first year!”

Steve Moultrie, Technical Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “Our industrial high speed doors have gained an outstanding reputation in all industry sectors, but we do particularly well in food industry related companies simply because of the fast nature of these businesses requiring heavy duty, reliable doors that can perform many operations throughout the working day.

Union-Logo“We have always said our doors will last a long time provided they are serviced correctly, so our Lifetime Warranty Scheme takes the onus of servicing the doors away from our customers, meaning their Union doors operate to their full potential without issues.”

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