There’s been huge levels of consumer demand in recent years for new exotic flavours in soft drinks. Grace Foods, the UK’s leading supplier of Caribbean food and drink* accounts for more than one third of all Caribbean food and drink* sold in the UK, and has accelerated the growth of the aloe vera drinks category with the launch of reduced-sugar Grace Aloe Refresh.

GRACE_ALOE_BOTTLE_LINEUP---CREATIVEGrace Foods Brand Manager Giuseppe Vullo says: “The health benefits of aloe vera in its natural format are well known. We believe that ready-to-drink aloe vera has as much potential as coconut water in the UK and we’re delighted to be leading the way with innovative NPD. The brand launched in March 2014 and has already achieved a market share of 82.1%* of the Aloe Vera Drinks market.

“The refreshing properties of aloe vera appeal to a broad consumer base (25 – 34-year-olds) and reduced-sugar Grace Aloe Refresh will resonate with people on the lookout for new and exciting lower-sugar alternatives to traditional chilled juices, smoothies or flavoured waters.”

The drinks contain real aloe vera pieces, are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, with Original and Mango containing 100% RDA of Vitamin C.

Soft Drinks and Ginger Beer (within World Foods) grew by 4.3%* this year and this is set to continue as the  dynamic sub-categories of aloe juice drinks and coconut Water continue to enjoy bumper sales.

Aloe Vera drinks are leading with way, contributing 50.8% of that growth in the past 12 months with Grace brands alone accounting for 50%. Coconut Water has contributed to 10.3% of the growth in the past 12 months with 7.6% coming from Grace Coconut Water*.

The category is now worth over £92.0m and is growing at 5.0% showing that more than ever before consumers are looking for new and exciting flavours.

* IRI Afro Caribbean Food & Drink Category MAT 52 w/e 28 Jan 2015 – Value.

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