UPM Conveyors were awarded a project to supply Polythene Industries (BPI) with a reel handling belt conveyor system as part of the new £12M facility in Ardeer Scotland producing five layer film up to 2M wide for the packaging and international agricultural market making the site one of the most advanced flexible plastics factories in Europe.

Alan Harrington Technical Director specified the belt conveyor system based on full automation without any manual handling and to comprise 4 off 5m long horizontal trough shaped conveyors to operate as one 20m long unit to cater for reels up to 300mm diameter by 2m long every 60 seconds and to incorporate a pneumatically operated cushion to prevent damage to a reel being transferred from the winder plus the control to interface with a PEC on each conveyor with alarms to detect when a reel has been delivered to stop / start the belt ensuring the next conveyor is free to accept a reel .

UPM offered a bespoke engineering solution to operate within space restraints on a 24/7 trouble free zero maintenance basis and Alan Harrington has expressed total satisfaction with UPM on the system operation plus the excellent cooperation  received in the liaison on the project.

UPM Conveyors


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