Nurofen, the fastest growing brand of analgesics globally and leading analgesics brand in the UK* has just introduced an innovative new range of Topical treatments that deliver fast relief from muscular aches and pains. The new Nurofen range has been specifically developed to address the number one consumer need (currently unmet) from the Topical market which is for speed of relief.**


There are four new Nurofen Topicals products being rolled out during March:

Nurofen Express Heat Patches (Reg) & Nurofen Express Heat Patches (Large), Start to heat in just 5 minutes. Flexible patches available in two sizes for maximum comfort and ease of application.

Nurofen Fast Penetration 5% Gel and Nurofen Fast Penetration Maximum Strength Gel (10%). New fast penetrating gels containing ibuprofen for targeted relief at the site of pain and inflammation whilst exerting a soothing and cooling effect.

The new products will be supported by a heavy weight £2.5m media campaign that breaks in April.

“The number one consumer need in this market is for speed of relief and that is exactly what the new Nurofen Topicals have been designed to offer. Nurofen Topicals are about speed of action and providing pain sufferers with fast, effective relief. Topicals is a natural extension to the Nurofen range which is already the trusted favourite with people who don’t want to let pain get in the way of them living life to the full. We predict that Nurofen Topicals will quickly become a popular choice for those seeking fast relief from muscular aches and pains.” Mark Pearson RB Category Marketing Director.

Nurofen is already available in a variety of formats including tablets, liquid capsules, caplets, soluble oral powder and oral suspension for children, offering a wide choice of pain relief to consumers.

Existing Product Range:

• Nurofen Core Range (200mg Tablets, Caplets, Liquid Capsules and Meltlets Lemon)

• Nurofen Express Range (256mg Tablets and Caplets, 200mg Liquid Capsules)

• Nurofen Indication Specific Range (Migraine Pain, Max Strength Migraine Pain 684mg Caplets, Back Pain 300mg  Sustained Release Capsules, Cold & Flu, Back Pain, Tension Headache and Period Pain)

• Nurofen Topical Range (5% & 10% Topical Gel, Heat Patches in Regular & Large)

• Nurofen Pharmacy Only Products (Express 400mg Liquid Capsules, 684mg Caplets, Plus, Express Soluble 400mg Oral Powder)

• Nuromol (200mg/500mg ibuprofen and paracetamol)

• Nurofen for Children Range (Nurofen for Children 3 months to 9 years Strawberry or Orange, Nurofen for Children Strawberry Baby, Nurofen for Children Orange Baby, Nurofen for Children Strawberry 3 months to 12 years, Nurofen for Children Orange 3 months to 12 years, Nurofen for Children Orange Singles and Nurofen for Children Strawberry Singles which are sachets of 5ml)

* Value Share Nielsen Data MAT 05.01.13

** “Topicals Usage and Attitudes” 2008

Reckitt Benckiser


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