This September will see the introduction of Air Wick Filter & Fresh the only air care product in the market that breathes in odours and breathes out fresh fragranced air.  This is a completely new proposition from RB and will create a new ‘air revitalisation’ segment in the air-care market to drive category growth. Air Wick Filter & Fresh is Air Wick’s No 1 global priority in terms of new product launches and in the UK will see the biggest marketing investment with a £4.5m support programme, including a new television campaign, ensuring 90% of housewives see the new advertisement.

Innovation that meets consumer needs and drives usage is key to growth in the air care category having contributed +£45m in value sales over the past five years. This was seen clearly when RB created the Auto Spray segment with the introduction of Air Wick Freshmatic, revolutionising the category. Air Wick Auto Sprays are now worth £37m in the market.  New Air Wick Filter & Fresh, the latest Air Care innovation from RB, offers huge potential for the category as it delivers on major unmet consumer needs – in tests 83% of consumers thought Filter & Fresh delivered a better fragrance experience than their current air freshener.

The new Air Wick Filter & Fresh device draws in air through a fan at the base, the air then passes through a filter and the malodour molecules are captured by the filter; air is then mixed with a premium fragrance and dispersed around the room. The result is fresher smelling air. Other products on the market just mask odours or chemically neutralise them, new Filter & Fresh filters the air to actually improve the fragrance experience.

Fresh, clean, natural scents are most suited to the Air Wick Filter & Fresh concept and five new premium fragrances have been specially developed for the launch:

• Citrus orange and ocean energy

• French lavender and shimmering water

• Amazon lily and rainforest

• White linen and aqua sky

• Frosted apple and shimmering spice

“This is an incredibly exciting product from the Air Wick brand. It has a completely unique mode of action – a device that breathes in and out to deliver cleaner fresher smelling air. In tests Air Wick Filter & Fresh really has the ‘wow’ factor and has been a huge success with consumers. Significantly, it has exceeded expectations regarding the quality of the fragrance as well as the control levels offered by the product. We are anticipating that this launch will revolutionise the air care market” said Stefan Gaa, Marketing Director, RB UK.

The New Air Wick Filter & Fresh gadget is a streamlined contemporary design available in a choice of white and sandstone finishes. The starter pack (rrp £15.99) includes a fragrance and filter refill. Refill packs retail at £4.99.

Reckitt Benckiser (RB)

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