white-cabbage-picture-300New tests results from Campden BRI have proven, for the first time, the effectiveness of treating fresh produce for salmonella, listeria and e-coli with ozonated water. The Radical Water System was highly effective at decontaminating whole cabbages the independent study concluded.

Effective against bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds, the Radical Water System uses naturally-occurring biocides, generated by advanced oxidation technology, to deliver massive reductions in harmful micro-organisms that cause hygiene-related illnesses.

The system increases shelf-life and reduces the spoilage and potential waste from perishables, offering longer life to fresh produce that is flown all over the world. With ever-growing concerns over the long-term safety and environmental impact of alternative chemical-based anti-bacterial agents, the Radical Water System offers food and drink processors distinct advantages.

It eliminates the need for chemicals, using only naturally occurring substances which do not impact on the environment. The ozonated water created is completely safe to handle, leaving no taints or residues, and breaks down after use into water and oxygen.

Mark Fielding, director of Radical, says: “This is a very encouraging set of results and demonstrates the potential of this technology in helping fresh fruit and vegetable processors protect their produce from potentially dangerous contaminants whilst avoiding the use of chemical-based sprays.”

Only in September this year a recall of spinach from Canada, after routine testing detected Salmonella and a recall of over 1700 bags of spinach occurred. In 2006 there were five deaths form e-coli infected spinach, and a total 205 cases of E. coli infection were detected.

Mark Fielding, director of Radical, continues: “In response to the ever-increasing demands for high standards of hygiene, we have developed our revolutionary technology with unrivalled anti-bacteria results.  The Radical Water System is not only extremely effective in providing a long-term guard against unwanted micro-organisms, it does so in a way which keeps costs down whilst at the same time being safe and environmentally-friendly.”

Samples of cabbages were deliberately infected with salmonella, listeria and e-coli the results summarised in the table below.

Radical has in-depth knowledge and experience across a variety of industry sectors and is able to offer bespoke packages for clients. For further information contact Radical on 0161 430 8721 or visit www.radical.gb.com

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