Potato and vegetable production company, QV Foods, has switched its forklift truck (FLT) LPG supply to Flogas in a move that save it a significant 30% on its bills. This saving has meant the company has also been able to fund a brand new, centrally located gas hub – providing a convenient and safe refuelling station for its LPG FLT fleet.

QV Foods is a fourth-generation, family-run business in Spalding, Lincolnshire, and is responsible for producing 1,600 tonnes of potatoes each week, a wide variety of vegetables (including sweetcorn, garlic, onions, salads and brassicas) as well as freshly prepared, ready-to-cook products. Its farm and four factories are situated on a large 40-acre site, and require 29 forklifts to transport produce daily.

Flogas worked closely with QV Foods to install three two-tonne LPG bulk tanks at the new central gas location. These tanks include state-of-the-art telemetry systems, which remotely monitor usage levels and automatically arrange a top up when needed, so they never run out. The FLTs are each fitted with their own LPG cylinder, and drivers can easily refill them in just 30 seconds using electric dispensing units. heavy lifting is avoided, it reduces costly downtime and improves safety for employees too.

“We’re so pleased with the results of our recent switch and the customer service we’ve received; we’re actually now looking to convert our food production area to Flogas too,” adds Scott. “This area of the business has a large cooker, that needs 1,500 litres of LPG a week to part-cook potatoes for ready meals. The idea is to have a Flogas-only supply!”

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