Pukka, the nation’s favourite Hot Pie brand[1], is making a major move in the Savoury Pastry category with the launch of a brand-new and unique range of flavoursome, high-quality Handheld products which deliver on taste – from the first bite to the very last crumb.

Landing on supermarket shelves from 2nd September, the launch – which includes slices sausage rolls and a pasty – will catapult Pukka into a range of consumption moments, some of which are new territory for the brand. From on-the-go snack to lunchtime option, the comprehensive new line-up will enable retailers to drive incremental sales, by catering to currently unmet needs within the category. From shoppers looking for products which tick the box when it comes to convenience, but also deliver that distinctive Pukka flavour that shoppers will want to savour, as well as adding vibrancy and excitement to the savoury pastry fixture.

Pukka’s trio of slices sees some of its most popular pie recipes reimagined into a tasty slice, including the Steak Slice, Chicken & Bacon Slice and Cheese, Leek & Potato Slice. Meanwhile, the Pukka Pork Sausage Roll sees ultra-tasty pork sausage meat wrapped in a flaky, golden pastry – which is available as a single and multipack of four. Plus, the brand has launched a 100% plant-based version – the Pukka Vegan Sausage Roll – which uses ground-breaking vegan proteins and cereal blends to deliver a savoury vegan sausage that needs to be tasted to be believed, with a unique seasoning and a classic peppery finish. Finally, the brand’s Beef Pasty combines beef, potatoes, swede, and onion seasoned to perfection and all packed up in a golden pastry.

“We’re the leading brand in the Hot Pie category (worth £47.4 million[2]), have contributed the most growth to the sector over the last five years[3], plus we’re growing three-times faster than the category[4],” says Pukka’s CEO Deborah Ewan. “When you throw our Grocer Gold Brand of the Year 2020 win into the mix, it’s fair to say that when it comes to pies, we’ve got it covered.

“However, while we already offer an extensive range of pie products, we’ve only scratched the surface on ways the nation can enjoy that great Pukka taste. After spending the last two years listening to what shoppers want to see next from Pukka, it was a natural next step to launch a unique handheld range which tastes so great, shoppers will want to savour the flavour – from the first bite to the very last crumb.

“Each proposition within the Handheld range will allow us to appeal to a host of different shopper missions – some of which we don’t currently cater for. What’s more, of the 18 million shoppers already engaged with the Pukka brand, 50% of these purchase pasties, slices and sausage rolls[5]. This means that – along with other consumers purchasing these products – there’s an opportunity for retailers to attract 27 million new shoppers to the Pukka brand across three categories[6]. This is coupled with the fact that each product fulfills clear unmet needs within the category – and has out-performed competitors in taste tests[7] – meaning we’re confident that shoppers will not only try the products, but they’ll buy them again and again.”

Pukka is already well-versed in launching innovative NPD which delivers on both taste and quality. In fact, the brand has a track record of making and baking new products that have brought in more new shoppers to the category than any other brand[8]. A highlight has been its step into the vegan and vegetarian space. Not only has this enabled the brand to produce award winning recipes[9], but these pies have helped to attract over two million new shoppers to the category[10].

Ewan continues: “People love Pukka vegan products. This is why we’re expanding our plant-based portfolio with our Pukka Vegan Sausage Roll – especially when 65% of consumers have told us they want a great tasting vegetarian or vegan sausage roll alternative[11].

“When it comes to pasties, 76% of pasty shoppers want to see a Pukka recipe[12]. Meanwhile, 85% of ‘slice’ shoppers say they want Pukka to launch one of its own[13] – and we’re launching three. We have taken some of our bestselling lines and reimagined them for slices. We also decided to add our new Chicken & Bacon recipe into the mix, as we know only Pukka can deliver this big hitting flavour.”

In support, Pukka will launch its biggest ever cross channel campaign to grab an even bigger slice of the Savoury Pastry category. This includes Pukka returning to TV screens with a new creative this Autumn that highlights how the new products give epic people an epic food experience. Pukka is also looking to disrupt the category by breaking-up the “wall of beige” through eye-catching packaging that creates an orange beacon and highlights the foodie proposition, engaging and inspiring shoppers at fixture.

Pukka’s Handheld range will hit ASDA shelves from 2nd September and will be available in Morrisons in October and Sainsbury’s in November. Full range, listing, pack size and RRP information can be found below.

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