Tray sealing specialist Proseal has launched a unique seal quality testing system that enables food manufacturers and processors to determine the ideal seal and peel strength for individual products.

Compact and easy-to-use, the ProTest unit is an automated lidpeeling device that measures and reports film resistance as it separates from the tray during lid peeling, to determine if the seal strength is the most user-friendly yet is suitable for the product’s life-cycle.

ProTest is capable of retaining, displaying and outputting test data, allowing users to export the information. The unit can handle the vast majority of trays currently used in the market, with diagonal diameters from 25mm-380mm in any shape.

So companies can fully understand the results generated by the ProTest unit, Proseal has established a set of ‘Peelability Metrics’ explaining the different stages in removing a film from the tray.

Reports are generated on the machine’s 12” touchscreen and exported via Ethernet or USB. This provides users with traceability records and the data to monitor peel strengths throughout production. The ProTest unit requires only 1200mm x 400mm of bench space and a 3 pin 230v power supply.

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