The Brief:-

As one of Powerlogic’s oldest customers, Asda have Powerlogic battery change equipment in all their distribution centres.

The Doncaster distribution centre approached Powerlogic because they needed to make provision for 60 short term rental trucks, increasing battery numbers by almost 50%, over the very demanding Christmas period.

As the existing system was already running at maximum capacity we needed to look for other options.

The Solution:-

A small area was identified within the warehouse where it would be possible to create a temporary system using Powerlogic’s FTG modules. These modules are specifically designed to be speedily manufactured and installed.

As time and budget were of the essence, Powerlogic retrieved a previously mothballed, 17 year old Powerlogic battery transfer car from one of Asda’s stores and used this equipment, which saved time, money and was an environmentally friendly way to manage their immediate needs.

The Result:-

The Doncaster distribution centre was now fully ready for the arrival of the short term rental fleet. These works were completed within three weeks which helped Asda stay ahead during their busiest time of the year.

This distribution centre ran at full capacity all over the Christmas period, and once this busy period was over, the temporary charging area was removed and put into storage for use later in 2013.

Of course, because this gives Asda an added degree of flexibility they may decide to leave the temporary system in place and use it as an extension to their existing facility.

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