• Nuud chewing gum is plant-based, biodegradable and free from plastic and sugar
  • Available in all Morrisons stores now for £1.50
  • Entrepreneur, Keir Carnie, pitched to Morrisons as part of its Growing British Brands programme

Morrisons customers will be able to get their hands on plastic-free chewing gum this week as Nuud Chewing Gum hits the shelves.

Nuud Founder, Keir Carnie, pitched his plant-based product to Morrisons as part of its Growing British Brands programme and is now the first brand to launch as part of it.  The programme aims to support entrepreneurs in developing their businesses offering them mentorship, business advice and ultimately, a space on shelves nationwide.

The spearmint Nuud Chewing Gum is plant-based, biodegradable and free from plastic and sugar.  The packaging is made from cardboard and fully-recyclable at home and is available in all Morrisons stores for £1.50 per pack.

Morrisons continues to reduce the use of plastic and identifying sustainable brands is one of the aims of The Growing British Brands programme.  Unlike regular chewing gums, Nuud is 100% plastic free and biodegradable, breaking down just like a banana skin. It can also be composted.

Keir had previously appeared on BBC Two show Dragon’s Den but failed to secure investment as the Dragons felt the big-brand competitors had too tight a grip on the market.

Morrisons disagreed and were won over by Nuud’s sustainability credentials and Keir’s desire to solve the problem of hidden plastics in regular chewing gum as well as the litter problems and environmental issues it can cause.

Darren Smith, Senior Sourcing & Local Ranging Manager at Morrisons, commented: “We think Keir has a fantastic product that is just what our customers are looking for. Reducing plastics is consistently highlighted as one of the top issues our customers care about and as a business we want to identify and work with sustainable brands of the future.  Keir was the perfect candidate for our Growing British Brands programme and we’re excited that Nuud is the first brand to launch as part of it. We look forward to helping Keir scale up his business.”

Keir Carnie, Nuud Founder, said: “We’re incredibly proud that Nuud is the first brand launching on the Growing British Brands programme. Our innovative plastic free, plant based chewing gum is perfect for those seeking a natural and planet friendly freshener. The Morrisons team has been so supportive in planning for this partnership, and we’re really pleased to join them on the mission to offer healthy and sustainable alternatives to Morrisons customers.”

Morrisons is continuing to look for more exciting brands to join its Growing British Brands programme. Entrepreneurs and businesses can apply at: https://www.morrisons-corporate.com/suppliers/supplying-morrisons/

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